the faculty of magisterium from the University of Valencia (ultraviolet) issued a statement yesterday -unanimously approved by all departments- that criticizes the order of the Ministry of Universities thatcuts math, language, and social studies hours to one-third from current to future teachers.

For teachers, with this modification of the ministry “the presence of didactics of language, mathematics and experimental and social sciences is severely reduced“, something that, in his view, “is not justified in any evaluation of how the last decades have been”.

The ministry’s plans drastic reduction of these subjects in the career of magisterium. On average, a subject of a career are usually six creditsthe amendment proposed by the Government is as follows: 18 current math credits, just six. It’s from 30 credits for language courses for ages 12 and under.

The plan by the department led by Joan Subirats also outraged the Spanish Association of Teachers and Researchers of Experimental Sciences, the Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education and the Royal Spanish Society of Mathematics, which also issued statements against it. The weight of mathematics throughout the course would be reduced, for example, by 2.5% of teaching hours.

Mathematics didactics class at UV LOYOLA PEREZ DE VILLEGAS MUÑIZ

does not correspond to reality

The faculty’s main criticism of the reform is the null correspondence with reality. University professors explain that in the “Curriculum of Early Childhood and Primary Education, the presence of Language, Mathematics and Knowledge of the Natural Environment continues to be the most significant”. That is why they denounce that “with this new study plan, future teachers will not be sufficiently trained to teach these subjects” and therefore future students will not be able to acquire them correctly.

Therefore, in the opinion of teachers, “one cannot justify the exaggerated pre-eminence of the disciplines of pedagogy and general didactics to the detriment of specific didactics“. They also denounce that “the mention of disciplines historically linked to pedagogy, such as the Sociology of Education, has disappeared, and also a significant reduction of Psychology disciplines. Kindergarten and Primary School with reduced perspective to carry out its work”.

Mathematics didactics class at UV LOYOLA PEREZ DE VILLEGAS MUÑIZ

The statement from the Faculty of Teaching continues to disapprove that “the proposed modification does not reflect the differences in competences of the Teaching in Early Childhood Education and Education Primary, clearly different and that motivate the existence of two different degrees”.

Finally, the dean criticizes that the new order leaves very little room for maneuver for the universities to design their curricula as they see fit. Specifically, “222 credits out of 240 (plus 12 assigned to your own language) are already assigned to courses.” This, they denounce, “limits the possibility of discussion between the areas of knowledge involved and the search for agreements between departments, to the detriment of university autonomy”.