IThe big unknown in this whole Negreira case is What Barcelona bought over these years with the payment of 7.5 million of euros to the companies of the former vice-president of the Technical College of Arbitrators and his son. It is obvious that there were arbitration reports as is clearly reflected in the summary of this process and as this newspaper has already reported. However, this amount of money far exceeds the value of these reports and the recording of some videos, as is also attested.

Laporta: «In the short term they want to destabilize the team and in the medium term they want to stay at Barcelona»

Likewise, buying matches through referees should be ruled out. While there is a lot of speculation about this in some media, the reality is that there is no proof of this. In fact, the Public Ministry in its complaint document recognizes this. Although, emphasizes some of the “favors” what Enríquez Negreira, as vice-president of the CTA, could have done to Barcelona for the payment of these large sums of money.

And these favors or recommendations, as the Public Ministry describes them, can focus on football aspects where the CTA can enter or have some influence. And these range from the appointment of the Competitions Commission judges, Barcelona has always complained about being full of madridistas, to the extension of licenses for players in the first team or the recommendation of who plays (expulsions, cards, etc.) worth resorting to or not. This is the text of the Public Ministry’s report:

“JOSE MARIA ENRIQUEZ NEGREIRA, through DASNIL, had a verbal agreement with FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA that he kept in absolute secrecy, also for the company’s administrator, his son Javier Enríquez Romero, whose sole function was to prepare small arbitration reports requested by the commission. Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. DASNIL-JOSE MARIA ENRIQUEZ NEGREIRA’s relationship with FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA was presidential. This agreement included advice or recommendations from a management point of view. For better understanding, an example of a recommendation could be:

-That the increase in the number of federal licenses so that teams could have more than 25 players each season.

-Request that the Competition Committee (responsible for player sanctions) was not entirely made up of judges from Madrid.

-That the Club had a interlocutor with the Federation take care of institutional relations.

– That the Club always sends some representative for honors farewell to the Primera referees when they ended their sporting career.

-Recommend which yellow cards or sending offs can be appealed after some gameor, because the arbitral award may be technically debatable.

-Inform or advise on any institutional visit of the RFEF or the CTA so that the Club maintains good institutional relations.

-Keep the Club informed of possible interests or disagreements between the Federation and the LFP (Professional Soccer League), or describe the candidates for president of the LFP.”

In this regard, and also according to the letter from the Public Ministry, Enríquez Negreira “shared its know-how (judgment, knowledge, experience) as a former international referee and federation manager for many years