American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino stopped this Holy Sunday in Barcelona as part of his European tour to present the book movie meditations (Reservoir Books), a meeting with followers in which he confessed that the film that, against all odds, what most “traumatized” you in childhood was baby.

“I couldn’t imagine that something like this would happen, that Bambi’s mother would be shot. I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect, hence the shock. I had already seen the poster and I was sure that everything would be happy between the animals and not that it would become that dystopian reality in which Bambi is orphaned”, recognized the director of contemporary classics as pulp Fiction any kill account.

And that the filmmaker from Knoxville, Tennessee, did not grow up in cotton and, as he told the audience at the Colosseum Theatre, His mother let him watch movies recommended for adults only from a very young age.

“Yes, as a child I saw a lot of disturbing images, I suppose. But I liked it. I didn’t really understand what was going on in the scenes. like rape or torturebut I understood it from the context”, explained Tarantino, who the general public tends to associate precisely with violence.

In his first non-fiction book, he also reveals that he saw his first two porn movies at the cinema when he was just 14 or that his mother’s boyfriend, an African American, took him to a movie theater where i was the only white one and in which there was a frantic screening of the film black powder by Jim Brown.

“It was quite possibly the most masculine experience I’ve ever been a part of,” he recalls in the book, referring to the uproar with which They celebrated the scenes in the tentsa feeling he always wanted to “re-create” for others in his cinema.

In his only performance in Spain of movie meditationswhere no photos or videos were allowed, Tarantino arrived on time, in a white shirt and socks, sneakers and jeans.

His intervention, in which he deepens his love and constant reference to the cinema of the seventies, the so-called ‘New Hollywood’, was accompanied by the showing of famous scenes from classics such as american graffiti any Dirty Harry.

Quentin Tarantino and Cate Blanchett

In the lecture, he did not avoid referring to his controversy over criticism of new films in the Marvel and DC universe and highlighted that he would have “enjoyed”, if he were twenty, to see his comics taken to the big screen, although now they are no longer “interested”.

Tarantino explained that if the 70s of the last century changed cinema, it was precisely for treat the viewer “like an adult”.

“The Second World War had already passed and the viewer no longer wanted to be treated like a child.I already knew what life was“, he pointed.

The audience, made up of fans of the American willing to pay between 82 and 94 euros for entryhe also heard one of the last chapters of the book read by Tarantino himself.

In the play, where he fantasizes about what could have been cabby if Brian de Palma had been its director, and in which he also cites Spanish titles such as the residence by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador or tie me up by Pedro Almodóvar, Tarantino flirts as much with autobiography as with film criticism.

In fact, his next film, the movie critic (The film critic), revolves around this figure.

“There’s a lot of speculation about who it’s based on.. And yes, he is a true critic, but he is not known and … and I’m not going to tell you anything else “, pointed out Tarantino, who, between laughs, added that it will not be a “revenge story”.

The book, which was number one in the The New York Times newspaperstop especially in the cruelest movies and limited budget of the years of his sentimental education, of defending for Dirty Harrypassing by Cabby, escape from alcatraz any Former Korean prisonerthe most nominated tape in Barcelona.

Film Speculationin its original title, was presented in the United States before its short European tour that, before barcelonapassed through London and will take the director of reserve dogs Also to Berlin next week.