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Miami has no margin to sign Leo Messi. Although the Argentine player arrives with the letter of freedom. Restrictions on deductibles MLS They’re high, and salaries don’t tend to skyrocket. In fact, the normal salary is more than three million per season and six million in the case of franchised players.

Miami has thought of everything, but nothing fits. He even raised some imaginative options to sign Leo Messi without him losing a lot of money going to the American competition.

The American option seems to have receded… until the MLS decided it was worth making a joint move. In a recent meeting between the owners of the clubs held about six weeks ago, an agreement was reached to try to compete so that Lion Messi, the best player in football history, to continue his career in his competition. And the formula chosen is unique, as it could not be any other to sign the current world champion.

The clubs of MLS decided that everyone would pay a part of the salary of Leo Messi so that he could sign the MLS. Everyone pays part of the salary and Leo would decide where to play: if he wants to play in Miami, if he wants to go to Los Angeles or if he prefers to live in New York.

In a strictly commercial sense, the clubs value that they would pay for a player that they would not have in their squad but that his mere presence would cause an increase in the sale of television rights: it is one thing to sell a product with Leo and another without.

With this formula, Leo Messi would allow them to make an important leap in quality to popularize this sport in U.S with the aim of organizing the world which must be contested in 2026.

It is curious that clubs ended up paying a salary for a player who played against their teams, although it is also not crazy because, for example, Barça paid part of the salary of Griezmann when he played in a direct rival like Atletico Madrid.

Leo Messiin turn, did not comment on this entire plan drawn up at the headquarters of the MLS. His idea is still to continue his career in Europe. He psg He has already submitted one offer and is considering a second. He barge He also continues to dream of incorporating it, although he doesn’t have the liquidity to do so. A novel ahead.