03/13/2023 at 2:19 pm


Oblivious to the criticism and insinuations of ‘plagiarism’ from some rival teams, aston Martin continues to work on the development of his car AMR23 and plans to end the season with a completely different car than the one he started world at the Bahrain Grand Prix. “Two-thirds of the car that arrives at the last few races will be different, there’s a lot of room for improvement”, warned the Silvertstone team after the unexpected success in Sakhir, with Fernando Alonso third on the podium, only surpassed by the two Red Bulls, unreachable for now.

According to ‘Auto Motor Und Sport’, the first important improvement that the Aston Martin car will incorporate will be carried out in Imola, on the occasion of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, on May 21. Before, starting this weekend in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and continuing with appointments in Albert Park (Australia), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Miami (USA), the team will present small novelties, more thoughtful in the configuration of the different circuits than in terms of pure and simple performance.

Mike Crack, team technical director alonso, talks about “small updates” for each run between here and Imola. The team has an extra advantage over the big three teams on the grid, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, as well as all the teams that preceded them in the championship in 2022, when Aston Martin finished seventh in the constructors. In this way, those from Silverstone correspond by regulation to 37% more time in the wind tunnel and on the computer than Red Bull. The margin with Ferrari is 25% higher. And compared to Mercedes, it is 20% more.

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Ferrari, with reliability issues and excessive tire degradation in Bahrain, will have to focus on correcting these aspects, while the crisis at Mercedes goes further and despite using the same engine as the Aston Martin, the new W14 is not up to the expectations. expectations. On the other hand, Aston Martin has had complete success with the single-seater concept for this season, so according to Alonso himself, “we can only go further”.

more margin

“What we saw in Bahrain is not the final car, it’s just the foundation, the beginning of a concept that we changed over the winter. The ‘top’ teams kept the concept from last year, trying to perfect it. For us it has been more difficult. We’ve changed 95% of the car so I think there’s more to learn from the car, there’s more to come.”

Toto Wolff, The Mercedes boss is clear: “They found two seconds in six months. And they use half of our car if we look at the engine, the gearbox and the rear suspension. They use the same wind tunnel, so there are many parallels . We have to admit they did a great job.”

Aston Martin and Alonso aim to get closer Red Bull. Team owner Lawrence Stroll, buoyed by Bahrain’s success, promises to increase his already huge investment, saying “the budget cap is under control, there will be no problem with that”.