A McMurtry Speirling against a Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s not a duel of names…peculiar. It’s an acceleration test. A kill of how the electric car can sweep an entire highly electrified V12 when playing with brute force and restrained weight.

The McMurtry Spéirling is a car that we saw for the first time at the last Goodwood festival, one of the best known motorsport fan meetings in the world. There is a tradition there, to walk the 1.89 kilometers of circuit to the top of its hill. A route where the best-known sports cars, the craziest prototypes and even Formula 1 single-seaters have passed.

It was actually a Formula 1 car that held the circuit record until a few years ago. In 1998, Nick Heidfeld set the bar at 41.6 seconds in the McLaren MP4/13. In 2019, the number was finally broken. The protagonist was the Volkswagen ID. R, um electrical prototype which lowered the value to 39.9 seconds. Last year, McMurtry Spéirling lowered the time even further, to an astonishing 39.08 seconds.

The following video demonstrates the enormous acceleration capacity of this “little” electric car that takes full advantage of its lightweight design. Reactions are so instantaneous that the smallest corrections are daunting.

The latest victim, a LaFerrari

What does McMurtry Spéirling have to become one of the fastest cars in the world? The answer is: everything. It has everything to become one of the fastest cars in the world, capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.5 seconds. A milestone that only electric cars can reach.

To achieve such numbers, the McMurtry Spéirling is an electric car of ridiculous dimensions: 3.5 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 1.1 meters high. This lets you keep the weight in check and house a 60 kWh battery whose sole purpose is to launch the car as far and as fast as possible.

To this battery is added a power of 1000 hp Which is a real bombshell for a car that only weighs 1,000kg. A Koenigsegg One:1 philosophy. Inside, the pilot will only find a steering wheel with an integrated digital display and two air vents. The technique is left on the ground, worked to get as much downforce as possible, sucking in air, pressing the car to the ground and launching it through the rear exit.

The aerodynamic work is such that the company claims to be able to offer a downforce of 2,000 kg at a standstill, the same as a Formula 1 car reaches at 250 km/h. In an interview for Bus, Thomas Yates, creator of the brand, confirmed that his intention is to be able to approve it to be able to drive it on the street. If it comes to fruition, its production will be minimal and will exceed at least one million euros per unit.

Until then, McMurtry Spéirling continues to leave us amazing imageslike the following post on Instagram where the acceleration from the standstill is compared to a Ferrari LaFerrari, the successor to the Ferrari Enzo that mounts a 6.3 liter atmospheric V12 that develops 800 hp and is combined with a powerful 163 hp electric motor like Kers, as in Formula 1 .

Ten years after the presentation of one of the most important Ferrari cars of recent years, we look with longing at the surprise to see that the technical sheet of the new sports car stated that the sports car from The Cavallino it could reach 100 km/h from a standstill in three seconds. Now, McMurtry Spéirling cuts that number in half.