I knew from the start, mostly as a fan of the source material: it’s VERY hard to rate the series The last of us divorcing her from the producer’s video game naughty dog. Mainly when the product that is delivered from Sunday to Sunday HBO follows so closely what happens at the source. That’s why, if we analyze the episode 8entitled When We Are NeededI have to come to an absolute conclusion: it didn’t have as much dramatic impact as the game chapter itself.

As with other episodes, the series tried to “spice up” what happened, and it backfired. So many scenes and performances with religious overtones revolving around the antagonist David (scottish shepherd) feel unnecessary, and the pacing of the episode doesn’t serve the story well either.

Clearly, the issue is not that the choice to focus on a religious group was wrong, but the magnitude with which it presents itself. Let the episode begin with David preaching to your “flock” and a banner that says “When we need it, he will provide” is very, very formulaic.

In turn, when Ellie meets him and his henchman, he seems like a reasonable and compassionate person. And here’s the episode’s most questionable moment compared to the source material: in the game, when we meet Davidus as players, as well as EllieWe don’t know whether to trust him or not.. Plus, and something missing from last night’s chapter: him and Ellie they survive a horde of infected together, so there’s a modicum of trust built up before him; David’s evil nature is not revealed at first. In the program, Ellie never forms any kind of bond with David, and the emotional roller coaster for the viewer disappears. It’s as if the show had thought of going straight to the confrontation, without shadowing the issue.

The interactions between David It is Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are very good, being the one they find alone talking in that type of cabin destroys the most attractive ones. But his subsequent confrontation with David doing everything possible to indoctrinate Ellie in his cult it’s too much: pedophilia, megalomania, murder and so much that he tells us makes us hate him from one second to the next. I repeat: there is no doubt, there is no mystery, everything speeds up a lot. A lot in a short time. The impact is very strong, very taboo.

In addition to the above, the admiration of David due to the pandemic that exists in The last of us it’s very new, interesting, but, again, because everything is so fast, it loses strength, it loses value. If there had been time, everything would have gone better.

In addition to everything said above, we must once again highlight the actions of ramsey It is Peter Pascal. Yes well ramsey does a fantastic job of showing the fighting spirit and resilience of Ellie without neglecting its vulnerability, It should be noted that it would have been more shocking and graphic for them to meet while she was killing. David: That moment in the game is EVERYTHING, as Joel not only sees that Ellie is tough, he sees it. It’s yet another small flaw, but a significant one.

In addition to everything, the episode ends on a high and prepares us for a last installment that, we hope, closes this course very well.