episode 9 of The last of us on HBO Max left us that long-awaited ending for video game fans. the journey of joel It is Ellie It comes to an end on the small screen after many kilometers traveled and some bad moments.

With the conclusion of this acclaimed story, it was time to analyze all the differences between episode 9 of The Last of Us on HBO and the video game that came about as a result of Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin’s work on adapting the original story for television.


The Last of Us 1×09 Trailer, Season Finale Approaches HBO Max

you know that since HBO Max They didn’t want to do a point-by-point adaptation of the Naughty Dog game (despite its great fidelity) and sought to add more context to some moments in the story that could have been left out a little.

Well, today we focus on The Last of Us 1×09 main changes on HBO Max regarding the game. Have you noticed all the changes introduced in this last chapter? Let’s see them all…

Ellie’s mother

And once again, the series resorted to one last really interesting flashback. For the first time we got to meet Ellie’s mother. This one, played by Ashley Johnson (Ellie in the video game itself), starred in a scene full of drama.

Thanks to this look into the past that we’ve never seen in the game (despite the fact that DLC was considered), one of the universe’s great unknowns about cordyceps has finally been resolved. Where does Ellie’s immunity come from?

explained immunity

The scene focused on the birth of little Ellie and how an infected person bit her mother just as she was giving birth. Although it is not specified exactly how the little girl was born with this gift, the moment is depicted.

The sequence is full of tension and is a key moment for Ashley Johnson’s character, who assures Marlene that she cut the umbilical cord before she was bitten.

Although, Ellie acquires the fungus moments before and develops a kind of biological barrier that keeps the symptoms of the infection in check. Immunity is partially explained in narrative terms.

knee scar

Another of the most emotional moments of the episode was a confession by Joel. In Chapter 3, the protagonist revealed to Ellie that she had been shot.

However, in this season finale, we learn that it was a suicide attempt after losing his daughter Sarah. Joel backed off at the last moment, injuring himself in the process. This reveal never occurs in-game.

Although in the work of naughty dog if there is a reference that has been raising theories for years when, upon seeing two charred bodies in a bathtub, Ellie commented that these people had chosen the easy way out; to which Joel would respond, “There’s nothing easy about it.”

no water scene

With this ending, HBO Max wanted to get straight to the point and he skipped some in-between situations that happen in Salt Lake City. One of the most stressful is the one Joel and Ellie have to overcome. a flooded area full of infected.

This is another of the creative decisions we could expect, as these passages intended for action within the video game have generally been omitted in the series. Would you like to have had any of these scenes in the adaptation?

What is your assessment of this episode? If you want to take a look at the rest of the changes, don’t hesitate to consult our chapter guide with the differences between HBO’s The Last of Us series and the video game. What did you think of the adaptation of the first game?