The first season is over The last of us on HBO Max. The acclaimed adaptation ended the journey of joel It is Ellie with an ending that will have left some memories and emotions for those who tried the game a few years ago.

The conclusion of this story seen in The Last of Us Part 1 left us with a good amount of references, easter eggs and nods to players. Like every week, we take out the magnifying glass to get an in-depth look at all those little details you might have overlooked.


The Last of Us 1×09 Trailer, Season Finale Approaches HBO Max

This last chapter was very faithful to what was seen in the original game, but had the luxury of including unique news, changes and surprises. We are sad that the season is over, but we still have this last gift.

Plus, you can now review all easter eggs, winks, and game references from episodes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Though now it’s time to see all easter eggs and references from episode 9 of The Last of Us.

A very familiar house

There are no coincidences here… The flashback that introduced us to Ellie’s mother in the most tense way possible was developed in a place that had some similarities with a certain farm seen in The Last of Us Part 2.

Although it might be assumed that Dilapidated house was located near Boston, its resemblance to Ellie and Dina’s idyllic retirement at a certain point in the sequence has not gone unnoticed by them. Will we see something like this in season two?

And a mother that sounds a lot to us

The first thing we want to make clear is that Ellie’s mother never appeared beforebut who better to give you a face than Ashley Johnson (actress who gave life to Ellie herself in the video game). The cast hit the nail on the head.

First, because Ashley bears a resemblance to Bella Ramsey, and second, because the actress deserved to be in this adaptation, just as Troy Baker has been as Joel or the actor who voiced Tommy, Jeffrey Pierce, as Perry.

Leave the players tagged

This has been a clearly thought out reference for the most attentive players. Anyone who has played a game of naughty dog He knows that the important areas of his sets are marked in a very particular way.

The color yellow is used to highlight key elements and give players clues. about where to go or what to do. In the stairway scene, we see yellowish graffiti on the ceiling indicating that this is where Joel and Ellie should go up. A very well placed wink, yes sir.

giraffe moment

And speaking of yellow… the giraffes finally made an appearance. The mythical video game scene was not missing in this episode 9 and the truth is, it’s traced back to the source material. What do you think? Do you remember the emotions that generated you the first time you saw him?

The truth is that this moment was anticipated by several episodes. In episode two we saw a stuffed giraffe lying on the street and in episode 6, during Ellie and Joel’s discussion in a guest room we could see a painting with that same animal.

abby’s voice

And another of the actresses who appear in the video game entered the series in the form of an unexpected appearance. We’re talking about Laura Bailey, the voice actress for Abby in the sequel, who went largely unnoticed due to her role on the show.

The renowned actress donned the gown, cap and surgical mask to become one of the terrified nurses who would help with Ellie’s operation. Did you notice this little nod to who will be key next season?

Was that braids?

And speaking of Abby… This is unconfirmed, but at one point in the episode we can see how an unidentified person manages to escape Joel’s massacre at the Firefly hospital.

You can’t see this character’s face, but a specific frame shows that she’s wearing pigtails… which led fans to think it’s Abby. The story of the young stable, but we don’t know if it’s a wink or if we are facing one of the protagonists of The last of us part 2.

The first season of TLOU is over, but you can always check out the differences between The Last of Us series on HBO and the video game, our chapter-by-chapter guide to making the wait until season two more enjoyable.