Since FC Barcelona bid for Limak works for the construction of the new Spotify Camp Nou, the Turkish company is prepared to start a time trial that should start at the end of the season and which will culminate in its first matchday in November 2024 with the new stadium prepared for the return of games, even if not with all the available capacity. CEO of Limak, Haldun Firat Köktürkspecialist in megaprojects and personally responsible for managing the new Camp Nou project from the office that the construction company opened in Barcelona, ​​​​​​explains to the MD the keys and challenges of this project that he sees as the gateway to Limak Western Europe It is Latin America.

Köktürk highlights his company’s challenge: “It is our debut in the Western European market and could represent a great competitive advantage for Limak in relation to upcoming projects in the region. Furthermore, it is one of the most important and iconic stadiums. in Spain is also a big factor in favor of future expansion into the Latin American market.”

“It is one of the most important and emblematic stadiums in the world”

Köktürk explains that, also in line with Barça’s idea, “the development of this project is also in line with our sustainability policy, since we will have solar panels on the roof of the stadium. In fact, we have already built the largest LEED-certified building for Istanbul Airport, one of the largest in the world, with an annual capacity of 90 million passengers.”

Köktürk, Managing Director of Limak, shows Nihat Özdemir Camp Nou


And he adds on the adaptation to the Barça coliseum after having carried out other works: “On the other hand, in Limak we build emblematic projects such as airports, bridges and dams, and we are pleased to add one of the most significant sports facilities projects to our portfolio. the world, Spotify Camp Nou”, says the CEO of Limak, who considers that “the main challenge during the preparation of our offer was to develop the correct methodology to carry out the project with the timings that FC Barcelona requested in the specifications, but with the integration of different teams and international partners in our team, we managed to solve this challenge satisfactorily”.

“The main challenge during the preparation of our offer was to develop the correct methodology to execute the project within the deadlines that FC Barcelona requested”

Another of the reasons that Köktürk points out as key to his project is the cost efficiency. “We have a great human team with extensive international experience and great technical capabilities (engineers, equipment, cement, structures and cranes…). All this allows us to avoid high rental costs and gives us significant purchasing power throughout the world, which makes us a strong player in the sector”, he details.

How to avoid inflation

At a time of financial uncertainty and inflation, Köktürk explains that “our economic offer is based, in the first place, on direct costs, which are practically the same for most companies in the sector, since suppliers are almost identical for all competitors. we have the costs of risks such as inflation, which represent a significant part of the total price offered. In this sense, we have great experience in project management in an inflation context because in Turkey we already have this type of situation. To avoid In this type of contingency, we carry out detailed studies for the project and agree with the suppliers of raw materials and other products prices closed by contract. This is a method most used in construction projects. large scale, where the quantities of materials are enormous and we must guarantee that there are no surprises in the final cost of the project”, he reasons.

We have extensive experience in project management in an inflation context because in Turkey we already had a long history of dealing with this type of situation.

Köktürk insists that for Limak “the new Spotify Camp Nou is a strategic project with which he wants to enter the Spanish and European market, so the margin applied to the cost has also been exhaustively studied and is certainly not as high as expected by other companies.

Rendering of the new Spotify Camp Nou

Efficiency in run times

Finally, another not minor factor that they consider decisive in the Limak for the new project Spotify Camp Nou is the efficiency in execution times. “Our experience in megaprojects and our technical capacity allow us to shorten the design time and offer quick solutions for these works. In addition, Limak it is a family company and the shareholders have a very dynamic role, so we can say that we are a company that makes decisions quickly to facilitate the day to day of the project and make project management as easy as possible”, guarantees korturk.

“In addition, we have a reputation in the market for completing projects on time and without breaking the bank. For example, we completed the project for the Canakkale Bridge, (the longest suspension bridge in the world that has the longest distance between two towers over 2 kilometers) in 18 months, ahead of schedule. All this taking into account that the works were carried out during the pandemic, which affected us in Turkey, as in the rest of the world, and we saw how the global supply chain was completely broken and affected many businesses that had to close”, says Kokturk .

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