She is woman of the year, everyone talks about it and she is ready to make history. Yolanda Diaz (51 years old) has just presented his candidacy for the general elections with his new political project, To add, and it goes for everyone. “Today I believe that I can be useful to my country, today I will take a step forward, I want to be the first president of my country, the first woman president of Spain,” she said in her presentation. She did it dressed in white, one of the emblematic colors of feminism, in addition to purple, and with pants, stomping. Fashion plays an important role in the message of Galician politics and their clothes often reflect not only their way of being, but also their way of doing politics.

A priori could you set your avant-garde and minimalist style, especially in its more formal facet, where pieces with a dandy aesthetic predominate. Pants Palace or tailored, men’s shirts, lace or crew neck tops form an important part of your official wardrobe. However, at less formal events, rallies or award ceremonies, pair jeans with dresses, pencil cut or flowing midi length, in colors such as red, camel or coral.

Yolanda is in the top positions of the most fashion, takes maximum care of its image and owns several brands, such as her half-up braids that she wears tirelessly break on many occasions the sobriety of their clothes. It should be noted that it has undergone a major change in recent years, which may continue to evolve in view of the important position that it aspires to occupy in the future.

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Yolanda Díaz, in the presentation of Sumar.


THE SPANISH contacted experts in fashion and political communication closely analyze the style of the Vice-President of the Government and discover the implicit messages that are in it. Broadly speaking, Jesus Reisfashion expert journalist, stylist and CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Comunicación, says: “You can see a big change in the image of Yolanda Díaz and how she has evolved a lot in recent years. way to a much more sophisticated closet full of well-known brands“.

Tania Brandariz Portela, Coordinator of the Master’s in Political Communication and Crisis and Emergency Management at Nebrija, she studies in detail for this medium what underlies its image. “The outfit of the Second Vice-President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, is characterized by a very accurate balance between elegance and proximity. White is, without a doubt, her recurring color, which evokes purity and is unconsciously related to the idea of ​​having nothing to hide from the public, with transparency.”

One of the most striking characteristics of the policy is its closeness, which is undoubtedly expressed through its closet. “It is a way of exercising leadership, in theory, more horizontal (called transformational leadership), which understands that Political communication involves allowing citizens to to participate, but also to show that we are listening to them, and that we are not talking to them (in this case through clothing) from a vertical perspective, but face to face. And perhaps most importantly, in an uncomplicated way”, considers Tania.

The most sober ‘looks’ of Sumar’s candidate.


On occasions when Yolanda Diaz is the protagonist of more direct encounters with citizens, he doesn’t hesitate to match his visual with a clear intention. “Díaz adapts his style to the context. Bet sometimes on jeans accompanied by a white blouse and sneakers. This choice occurs, above all, in the encounter with people, and does not convey carelessness, but relevance. Here’s the key to what the outfit, if any, became an effective communication tool: convinces because it is genuine”, adds the Doctor in Journalism and Master in Political Communication.

It should be noted that the Minister of Labor “does not make clothing a tool for vindication, but of contact and connection with his hard and undecided electorate. That is, read public opinion and act accordingly. don’t pretend, a priorigenerate a polarized impact, but move within the framework of common sense”.

The secret to communicate is under control, because, in the opinion of the expert consulted, “balance and relevance are key. If Yolanda was always decidedly informal, it is possible that she did not convey credibility and did not connect so much with her constituency, and that”

We must not forget the more feminine and glamorous of Diaz, like the Garcia Purification dress that he used in the last delivery of the Goya. This is one of his fetishistic signatures, Galician like her, and he has already chosen it on other occasions, such as the meeting with the Kings on Columbus Day.

Although not always right, in the stylist’s opinion Jesus Reis: “that dress the satin midi length and champagne color was much more appropriate for afternoon or evening events than for the aforementioned act. Negatively Ending Your Proposal With Some Shoes peep toe instead of salons, Mascaró, and above all an accessory not suitable for this act: sunglasses. Recognized firms yes, many; but who, in general, end up not finding the key to Díaz’s success in terms of image in this type of event.

Politics, at its most glamorous.


Her hairstyles are also a trademark. In addition to giving a modern and less serious touch to your looks, it helps to show a closer image. “Her hair look is notable at the picture level which has also changed over the years. By lightening the hair, you help to positively smooth out the marked features”, evaluates the CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Comunicación.

The in-depth examination of the style of Sumar’s candidate for the presidency of the Government endorses a wide-ranging study carried out by journalist Carmen Serna to THE SPANISH|Portfolio in October 2021, a few months after Pedro Sánchez named her second vice-president of the Government.

In it, the image consultant herera peace said: “The most notable thing is that she wears clothes that are far from the stereotype of left-wing politics. She is careful, with visual that they are perfect, that do not diminish the importance of the speech but give it image of femininity and professionalism“.

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Red is another of the Minister’s fetish colors.


It was also insisted that Yolanda Díaz’s stylistic preferences hide hidden messages that help in this “leading the other” to his terrain. Basically, bet on four colors: white, the color of the suffragettes and the one chosen by Kamala Harris (58) for their feminist claims; red, a tone with great symbolic strength that reaffirms its ideological strength[a, incluso se casó vestida así; el azul marino y el negro. 

“Todos dan una imagen muy profesional, de fuerza y sensualidad que ella contrarresta con líneas simples y sobrias. El blanco y el negro o el blanco total son colores que muestran transparencia, limpieza y autoridad. Y usa prendas low cost como diciendo que ella compra donde compramos la mayoría“, aclaraba Herrera.