April 10, 2023 09:23

It is clear that Tesla has taken over the electrical industry. Its technology is still way ahead of its closest rivals, but Elon Musk He knows that one day this gap will close. There are more and more alternatives to the American brand’s models and, given this perspective, Tesla has to expand the fleet offer vehicles that their most immediate pursuers are not able to replicate. Three new models have been confirmedvery different from each other, and which will arrive in the coming years.

Confirmation came from the company itself. Those in Austin have a particularly light year ahead of them in terms of news. The Tesla Cybertruck will draw a lot of spotlight when it sees the light. It is not yet known when it will be, but it will go into production throughout this year. Next to the pick-up will be the important Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Renovations. The best-selling models of the house will offer upgrades. There’s currently no specific release date, but they aren’t expected to be delayed beyond this year.

The Tesla Model 2 is called to be the most important electric car in the world.

the official confirmation

Now the big question is: what’s next? That same question has been brewing in the busy head of the company’s CEO for some time. With phase 3 of the Master Plan already in progress, it is time to look at the third stage: expanding production and diversifying the range. Tesla is developing a versatile platform that could give life to three new products and very different from each other. Arrival has been confirmed a compact, a van and a bus. This important revelation was accompanied by the first technical data.

Regarding the compact, the one that everyone assumes will be called Tesla Model 2, is called to be the most important electric car in the world. Common estimated selling price of €25,000Much has been said and speculated about it. There is no planned release date, but preliminary data encourages to be positive. Those in Austin rightly expect it to become their best-selling car, with more than 42 million units registered worldwide. Twice the Model 3 and Model Y estimates.

Tesla’s launch sheet that will expand the range of products.

After him will come one van. Tesla didn’t want to specify size or features, so a world of infinite possibilities opens up. The Americans made it very clear that it will be able to transport not only goods, but there will also be specific versions for passengers. According to the project, it will use an NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) ternary battery. with a capacity of 100 kWh, which will mean a high autonomy, similar to that of its latest generation electric cars. It would be positioned as a model directly opposite the Mercedes e-Vito. Tesla expects to sell no less than 10 million units.

The Tesla Semi opened a line of business that it now intends to expand with other large vehicles. Its development allowed us to think of alternatives and that is why in Austin they are already thinking about offering a 100% electric bus. A sector in which the customers will be local administrations and which opens up a new unknown path for Tesla. Estimate of preliminary numbers one million units sold. Under his body will be installed a gigantic LFP battery with a capacity of 300 kWh which should allow it to roll over a range of over 400 kilometers. For now, a specific release date has also not been specified.