We will find from novelties much requested by fans, to different arrangements.

The new FIFA 23 update brings news much requested by fans
Promotional image of FIFA 23, a video game that now brings us a major update.

FIFA is a true phenomenon, and no one can deny that, nor can anyone deny that each of its installments can be considered one of the best simulation games in history. You’re probably wondering what makes this series so popular, and it’s as simple as the flow of updates. Probably due to the popularity of the Ultimate Team mode, Electronic Arts releases new patches from time to timewhich usually include new content as well as solutions to certain problems.

Now, we received a new update for FIFA 23, the most recent title of this renowned franchise. This update has been announced, with hype and platinum, by Electronic Arts, and it is that not only does it bring us different arrangements, but it doesn’t skimp on offering us new content either.

Next we will tell you all the new content What can you expect in this update?.

New additions in terms of content

Here, we will treat all new content as such, leaving aside gameplay fixes or the resolution of certain bugs. In this case, we don’t have a lot of new content, but as you’ll see, it’s quite varied, and also, most of it was highly requested by fans:

  • are added 4 new in-game women’s clubsbeing the following: Real Madrid CF, Juventus, VFL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • Added the “National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), i.e. the highest division of the United States women’s soccer league. Access Kick Off mode, online seasons, friendlies and tournaments.
  • if add UEFA Women’s Champions League (UWCL) Kick Off and Tournament modes.
  • Updates of various kinds that primarily affect to aesthetic objectssuch as tifos, bracelets, badges, stadiums, balls, tattoos and others.
  • Add to ten new celebrations for certain players.

The NWSL (top division of the US women’s soccer league) is now coming to FIFA 23.

Gameplay related changes

Also included in this update various game play improvementswhich have been mostly requested, although we still have to wait to see if they convince users.

  • Players who have the AcceleRATE archetype they will accelerate a little faster in the early stages of the sprint. Of course, it should be noted that this will only affect the new generation versions of the game, since this attribute is only available in these versions.
  • When a player intercepts a ball during the trick, now it will be easier to control the ballinstead of producing a rebound, as happened until now.
  • Improved accuracy of powerful ground passesthough this is only if the receiver is ahead of the player passing him, and the receiver must be free of pressure from other players.
  • Improved the contextual logic that determines what it does the player trying to make a normal tackle. Now it looks like we’re going to find more foot tackles than catches or shoves.
  • Increased the chance that when attempting a powerful shot, the player give what is known as a “knuckeball” shot.
  • It was slightly reducedthe speed at which a free-throw ball can travelthough only if performed with the outside of the foot.
  • Slightly reduced the distance a player must be make an entry without the user asking.
  • Increase of consistency when moving the ball if that’s up in the air.

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Messi is one of those players that has the AcceleRATE attribute and is therefore affected by this change.

Bugs fixed with this update

Now yes, let’s talk about the icing on the cake, and is that we are going to treat all the errors fixed. These range from gameplay issues to server issues, and we’ll talk about those below:

  • In certain cases, the player took longer than expected to start running.
  • on some occasions goalkeepers anticipated shots too quicklysomething notable in 1-on-1 situations.
  • improved artificial intelligence arbitration to better detect penalties at the entrance to the area.
  • In some cases, the camera was placed in odd places when a penalty was about to be taken.
  • When a tackle was made close to the sideline, some defenders may end up touching the ball out of play more times than it should.
  • Improvement the stability of cooperative friendlies in Ultimate Team.

With this, you will find out about all the news that this update brings us, which should be available during today March 21, 2023for all platforms the game was released for.