This is how operators prepare the Star Wars film set in XàtivaPhotos: Perales Iborra



The esplanade of the Center for Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CRIS) and the Specific Center for People with Chronic Mental Illness (CEEM) in Xàtiva has been active for a few days now. Several operators set up a tent and in the last few hours some trucks arrived at the area, from where all kinds of belongings were unloaded. Officially, no one has made public the objective of the initiative. The secrecy is total, you can only see the movement of people from afar. In turn, it was also possible to observe workers transporting elements for a future sealing of the lot, portable chemical toilets and products for what appears to be a restoration. There is even a security booth. Everything points to a high-class social event or a movie set for a movie. Nobody says anything. And the hired guards don’t hesitate to draw attention to anyone approaching with a camera.even though he’s taking pictures of the street and they can’t forbid

However, several indications allow deducing the objective of the initiative. The big white tent is similar to the one that was set up for the filming of the new series of the Star Wars saga near the City of Arts and Sciences (CAC) in Valencia. And it is that the Castell de Xàtiva will be one of the settings chosen to film part of the plot of the production of the multinational Disney that has already landed in the capital of Turia. Apparently, the scenes that will take place in the Setabense fortress will be filmed in the coming weeks, specifically from April 2nd to 6th. Incidentally, on social networks, some users have already questioned the reasons why tickets to the Setabense fortress cannot be booked on these specific days. There is still no official answer.

As with the filming taking place in Valencia, secrecy will be total. Most experts indicate that the recordings that will take place in Valencia and Xàtiva belong to the new season of the series “Andor”, one of the last audiovisual productions of a franchise that continues to have a large following more than four decades after the premiere of the first feature film. Although the other alternative that was also discussed is the story starring the jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, with Ewan McGregor as the lead actor. This possibility is ruled out in many forums.

The plot of “Andor” is carried out by Cassian Andor, a spy for the Rebellion who was one of the main characters in the movie “Rogue One”. In fact, the first season has received highly positive reviews, satisfying the saga’s demanding fans, who in many cases vilify the latest feature film trilogies. Its serious, adult, thriller tone separates this audiovisual product from any childish influences.

As far as Obi-Wan Kenobi is concerned, this series was not as praised by critics, although the viewership numbers were good. Both productions have only one season, which can be viewed on the Disney+ platform. And everything indicates that the multinational saw in them a vein to continue exploring the universe of the Star Wars saga.

The choice of Castell de Xàtiva seems ideal. At Disney they don’t randomly do things. As it is a fortress exploited by tourists -and with a significant flow of visitors- it has a surveillance system, is well maintained and can be armored without any problems. In addition, its corridors, rooms and recesses make it an ideal place to record scenes of all kinds, whether historical or futuristic. The Castell de Xàtiva is divided into two fortresses and has places of great beauty.

The Star Wars saga will leave its mark on the coastal capital, becoming a spectacular attraction for future visitors.