The influencer Lidia Bedman is the wife of Santiago Abascal.

Lydia Bedman He always bragged about his nice face and style on social media when it came to choosing his looks. Thousands of her followers don’t want to miss her beauty secrets and the way she takes care of herself through food and sports. And that’s how they could appreciate the physical transformation of Santiago Abascal’s wife and applaud the influencer for her perseverance and the results obtained.

Approximately two years ago, Lídia decided to discover her best version, and conquer it. he intensified his workouts and introduced changes to his diet. And, of course, they gave her results, because today she looks much more toned and slimmer than before.

a hard workout

Lydia Bedman always recognized his adherence to the sport, trying to train at least three days a week. At the end of 2021, he wanted to go a step further and tone his back and arms to see them more muscular. For that, he put himself in the hands of his personal trainer, Juanjo Rodríguez, and took on new challenges in his sports routine.

In March of last year, the results were already evident, and Bedman did not hesitate to share the keys to the spectacular physical change: he had introduced pull-ups in your training sessions, an exercise that requires great muscular effort in the arms and back. By her own admission, at first she thought she wouldn’t be able to do them, but her coach’s patience, perseverance and support paid off.

the celebrity trainer

Juanjo Rodríguez, known as Juanjo Trainer, is one of the team’s favorite trainers. celebrities. The support offered to Lidia Bedman is not limited to gym sessions. He also recognizes the effort on the networks, where he wrote to the influencer when he showed his evolution: “You are a star, how did you get there and how are you?”

Juanjo is not only Lidia Bedman’s trainer, but he is behind the physical transformation of other celebrities such as Amelia Bono, Paula Echevarría, Toni Acosta, Mariló Montero, Patricia Conde or Santiago Abascal himself. In fact, we imagine that for the couple the fact that they share a personal trainer is very motivating. Of course, training with him three times a week the monthly payment is around €800 per headsomething that is not within reach of any pocket.

Lydia Bedman and her diet

The influencer has always boasted of following a varied diet in which she tries not to overlook her weaknesses, such as sweets. She even shared her passion for churros online, but determined to take care of herself and improve her physique, she recently introduced some restrictions. According to Lídia herself, her intention was to improve her microbiota, so you have eliminated gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol from your diet. She admits that it hasn’t been easy and that she limits her eating a lot, but she’s so happy with the changes she’s experienced that she feels motivated to keep taking care of herself that way.