Doug Bowser guaranteed in an interview that the price of the new Zelda is in line with what fans will find.

It’s the most anticipated game of the year for all Nintendo Switch owners, but even that didn’t save The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to lead a great controversy. After the progress shown in the last Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that the game would have a higher than normal sale price. the sequel to breath of nature will leave aside the usual 60 euros in which the ‘first party’ of the company moves and will increase its price to 70 ‘dollars’. A promotion that Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo America, spoke to the press about in the United States.

Although it was not the only subject he dealt with Doug Bowser during the interview, the price of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom yes, it was one of the key points of the talk. The head of Nintendo America explained that this new price would not be standard in the company, but that the policy had changed and that they would now price each video game individually. In this sense, perhaps those with a higher sales forecast will turn the 70 euros into something common, while second-tier games can stay at what until now was the common price for nintendoswitch.

“We’ve taken a look at what the game has to offer. I think what fans will find is an incredibly well-rounded adventure and a deeply immersive experience. The retail price reflects the type of experience they can expect when playing this particular title. This won’t necessarily be standard across all titles. In Europe and other parts of the world, it’s quite common to vary prices depending on the game in question.” Doug Bowser for Associated Press.

Tears of the Kingdom will not mark a new standard price for the Nintendo Switch

Two compromising questions about Nintendo’s future

In the rest of the conversation, there were two main themes. Naturally, they asked the president about the possibility of a new console to replace the Nintendo Switch. He touched on the politician’s response: “Nothing to announce about a future console or device. We are still very optimistic about the Nintendo Switch.” We can’t ask for more because the company’s plans are above it. Also, are you right that the machine continues to sell at a diabolical pace.

Finally, Doug Bowser highlighted the importance of getting partners beyond the video game industry to carry out projects similar to super mario movie. However, we are very afraid of being bearers of little news in this regard. “I have nothing to say about your question about a series, but it’s a great reflection on being able to share our IP with people who aren’t used to video games.”

In 3D Games | Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would follow in the footsteps of Breath of the Wild upon release, featuring as-yet-unannounced paid DLC.

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