He light price Morning Tuesday, March 14, it will rise to an average of 66.97% for all customers with a contract linked to the regulated rate. This increase in the electricity bill will make the most expensive time of day the price is around 180 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). Today, Monday, the average price of electricity is 36.84 euros, one of the lowest of the year, but the respite after the weekend does not last for the rest of the week.

Electricity price tomorrow: the most expensive hours

At the auction, the average price of light on the wholesale market -the so-called ‘pool’- stood this Tuesday at 61.51 euros/MWh. He minimum priceof 2.36 euros/MWh, will be given between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, while the maximum price It will coincide with one of the moments when families demand more energy, since will be registered between 20:00 and 21:00, when it will be 179.84 euros/MWh.

At this pool price Compensation for gas companies is added, which must be paid by consumers benefiting from the measure, regulated tariff consumers (PVPC) or consumers who, despite being in the free market, have an indexed tariff, which for this Tuesday will be 0 euros/MWh , a situation that is repeated since February 27th. Thus, according to the latest data from the Operator of the Iberian Electricity Market (OMIE), tomorrow the ceiling does not apply to gas for the sixteenth consecutive day, since its price falls below the ceiling defined by the Iberian exception.

A social bonus for gas

The Ombudsman considered that limiting the figure of vulnerable consumers, for whom there is a social bonus (discount on the electricity bill associated with economic and family conditions), to electricity and which does not exist for gas consumers, should be considered. In this sense, the institution, in its 2022 annual report, recalls that public authorities have theobligation to promote conditions so that the equality of people and the groups in which they are integrated is real and effective.

According to the data presented in the report, at the end of 2021, official estimates indicated that two million homes were in energy poverty situation in Spain and only 1.1 million families received aid, that is, 55%, while 45% did not reach them.

The price of electricity improves

He average price of light In the monthly accumulated until March 14th, it stands at 100.43 euros/MWh, that is, 33 euros less than the 133.36 euros/MWh of the same period in February. The ‘Iberian mechanism’, which came into force on June 15, limits the price of gas for electricity production to an average of 48.8 euros per MWh over a period of twelve months, thus covering the next winter, a period in which energy prices are higher expensive.

Specifically, the ‘Iberian exception’ paves the way for natural gas for the production of electricity a price of 40 euros/MWh in the first six months, and subsequently, a monthly increase of 5 euros/MWh until the end of the measure. During this month the price will be 55 euros/MWh.

So, the 61.51 euros per MWh represent a drop of 49.2% with respect to the 120.99 euros of the mars of last week and a decrease of 56.3% on the 140.77 euros of a month ago, February 14th. In addition, in year-over-year comparisonthis Tuesday there was a reduction of 75.6% since on March 14 of last year the price was 251.70 euros per MWh