To the temperatures they will clearly rising these days. After the small parenthesis of a stormy Thursday, in the second half of the week the first 30°C this year on the peninsula will be news why they arrive too early.

From Friday the 10th, with little rain anywhere in the country, temperatures will continue to rise. From that day forward, we can consider that Spain will experience a episode of unusually high temperatures for the time of yearHowever, in no case can we refer to it as a heat wave.

Heat in early June this weekend

This weekend the maximum temperatures They will exceed 20ºC in practically the entire country. Only in parts of Galicia and Cantabria, where there may also be some rain, can they be below this value.

In the center of the country, temperatures during the day will be between 20-25ºC (Madrid, Toledo, Guadalajara, Ávila). will be on areas of the south and east of the peninsula where we exceed 25ºC and also in the Canary Islands.

Areas where the maximum will be over 28ºC on Saturday, March 11th. Map:

Are these temperatures normal now?

Not for nothing. For example, having a maximum temperature of about 22ºC in Madrid would be usual in the capital in the month of May, not in March. In barcelona we could have a maximum of about 25-26ºC on Saturday, which corresponds to the usual mid june.

The contrast in the Andalusian capital is not so extreme. seville It could be close to 30ºC this weekend, which is what usually happens in that city at late May or early June.

In cities where it will be hotter (Valencia and Murcia for example) the predicted values ​​are those that Usually occurs from June in the summer months on average.

Maximum temperatures forecast for Sunday, March 12.  Map:
Maximum temperatures forecast for Sunday, March 12. Map:

The reason for these high temperatures

The air mass that we will have this weekend over Spain It comes from the Atlantic Ocean from latitudes below 30ºN. It is therefore an air mass. it’s already hot.

also the anticyclone will be present on the peninsula and the situation will be of great atmospheric stability. With high pressures csqueezing the air mass you can try one heating over our territory.

In addition, there will continue to be a predominance of winds from west component on Saturday, on Sunday it will lose some presence. These winds act as onshore winds in areas where we expect the highest temperatures of the episode.

In Malaga and Valencia, Saturday will be the hottest day. In Zaragoza on Sunday

Hot air in southern Spain this weekend at around 1500 meters altitude. Map:

Malaga is a good example of this, as it may have higher temperatures than its surroundings on Saturday, the 11th, due to the northwest wind. It is due to the geographical situation of the city, that with this situation is downwind from the mountains of Malaga. Thus, the capital suffers a extra heating caused by the Foehn effect.

How long will the extraordinary ‘heat’ last?

the heat will be extreme for these March dates at points in the south and east. The highest temperatures of over 30°C locally are expected on Saturday. However, the day that could be the hottest in the country could be Monday the 13th.

It will therefore be a Short but intense episode since from Tuesday, March 14, temperatures will drop again, returning to normal.

The abnormal heat episode will last 4 days: from Friday the 10th to Monday the 13th

Temperature evolution
Image source:

one is expected sharp drop in temperatures on Tuesday, 14 this will suppose a normalization to the own values ​​of this epoch. However, on this day the maximum can still be above 25ºC in points like Valencia, Murcia, Alicante or Malaga.