Adara Molinero would have preferred not to tell in ‘Survivientes 2023’ the extent of her relationship with Rodri Fuertes, who is also being essential to her dispute

A new controversy revolves around Adara Molinero (30 years old). And this time it’s not about any fight in Honduras that he starred in or something related to ‘Survivientes 2023’. This time we mean your alleged celibacythe one that, according to a resident of Madrid, he does not have and would not like to come to light.

A neighbor of the stewardess told ‘Socialité’ that she may be trying to hide a big lie. As indicated by the program, the winner of GH VIP 7 would not be single, as she reports that before leaving for the Caribbean country she had a boyfriend and, in fact, is helping her mother in her daughter’s contest. We all know the identity of the lucky one: Rodri Fuertes(29 years old).

Rodri and Adara, boyfriends again

As this anonymous person revealed to the program hosted by María Patiño, Adara “Don’t Enter Single Reality”. Furthermore, he expresses that he “doesn’t want to make it public that they got back together because that could hurt him on the show with the story he has, and they could accuse him of staging it to get more prominence”.

Adara Miller

Adara engages in a tense confrontation with Manuel Cortés


The witness stated that “Rodri was once again a fundamental person for Adara and her family”. However, it is the reality TV queen’s ex who is helping Elena Rodríguez (49 years old), Adara’s mother, to manage the contestant’s social networks to continue getting support and stay in Honduras as long as possible.

Elena and Rodri together

One who also participated in ‘Survivors’ wasn’t entirely clear when asked about this relationship. She confirmed that Rodri is helping her “because he loves her, because they love each other”with special emphasis on the good harmony that the couple lives at this moment.

Adara Molinero and Rodri Fuertes enjoy a trip to Vienna... And they reveal the stop at their next destination!

Traveling is the best thing in the world and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Adara Molinero and Rodri Fuertes, in the middle of building their new home, decided to pack their bags and enjoy a trip to Vienna. The lovebirds have already toured the capital of Austria and, by surprise, announced the next stop on this European tour: Paris! “Rodri speaks French perfectly”, confessed the young woman through ‘stories’ and is super impatient to land in the city of love.

Instagram @rodrifuertespuch

When the former older brother is asked, his answers revolve around the same thread. We can hear him shyly say that “We are not together, she is single and I am single, but we have a good relationship”. And he wants to settle for “it’s the only thing I can tell you”.

back and forth relationship

Adara and Rodri met in 2016 when both participated in Big Brother 17. In the reality show itself there was a lot of complicity between them, although each of them started an affair with another contestant: Adara with Pol and Rodri with Bea Retamal.

When the latter broke up, Adara decided to take a risk with the Madrid man, all after having had a child with Hugo Sierra. From here and since the stewardess confirmed to Lecturas their dating in 2020, separations, twists, passions and a long etc.

possible reconciliation

The shadow of reconciliation between them was somewhat obscure until the neighbor, who has already told everything in ‘Socialité’, wanted to make sense of some attitudes that until then had been misunderstood by all of us.

On the one hand, the images of the two together that have seen the light of day make special sense. Estela Grande’s birthdayfriend of the survivor and also a participant in GH VIP 7. On the other hand, the Adara’s anger when Manuel Cortés wanted to kiss her in Cayos Cochinos. Data that went unnoticed, but if this hypothesis is true, we understand the competitor’s reaction to avoid misunderstandings with Rodri.

With this theory, the neighbor dismantled the speech that Hugo Sierra’s ex wanted to hide. we will have to wait she herself removes our doubts and confirms or denies the relationshipbesides knowing the reason that led her to want to hide it.