Much has been said about how most streamers were silent after discovering all of Auron and Bijín’s dirty laundry from their past. Accustomed to reacting and giving their opinion on everything, the most well-known content creators on Twitch did not want to get wet on this topic and did so by alluding to the fact that they are things”from a long time ago“as they wanted”respect” to his companions. But there were those who did. There were those who did not fear of not being invited to more events and harshly criticized what happened to Auron. The result? Dozens of comments on the networks attacking them as “traitors”.

Or so we thought.

Streamer Abby confessed that in addition to the “funa” she suffered for speaking out against Auron, she also was banned from the Year 3 Soiree. Originally, Abby was going to hit on Lola Indigo, as that she chased her boyfriend, streamer Karchez, during ESLAND 2023, thus generating a friendly dispute on the networks between the two that Ibai wanted to be resolved in the ring. However, when the fight singer fell, Ibai proposed to Abby to fight with Amouranth and He ended up stepping back after the controversy on social media..

This is how Abby herself confessed in a live stream: “With all this fun stuff, a lot of things have been cancelled, unfortunately. Initially I was gonna hit Lola (Indigo)but due to your schedule, it couldn’t be completely balanced and I I was going to crash with Amouranth. But for all the situation that was generated, it was thought better not to do it at that moment.

Ibai has always wanted its events to be relatively white and for all audiences, without controversy or problems, and this decision has demonstrated it once again. Although respectable, many do not understand why then it was not so blunt with the presence of Coscu, who was accused on the networks (with several photos involved) of abusing a woman. The subject intensified so much that the streamer himself he had to leave and apologize.

What are the Year Night 3 matches?

Controversies aside, the Night of Year 3 continues its course and will take place at Cívitas Metropolitano (Atletico Madrid stadium) on Saturday July 1, 2023. These will be the struggles that Ibai will try to overcome the peak of 3.3 million viewers Contestants from the previous edition:

  • Ampeter vs Papi Gavi
  • Riversgg vs Larivers
  • Luzu vs Fernanfloo
  • Shelao vs. virus
  • Amouranth vs Mayichi
  • Coscu vs German Garmendia