The Spanish team beat Norway (3-0) This Saturday, at the start of the qualifying round for Euro 2024, played at La Rosaleda stadium, debut of the ‘De la Fuente era’ with three points, a game without fanfare and a happy rookie like Joselu with a double in one minute.


Manolo Lama: “6.5. It’s not a question of giving marks. I saw a city dedicated to the selection, which is very important. It has been seen for a long time that Ceballos is capable of wearing the selection’s stripes and he, with Pedri, could be the new Xavi and Iniesta, with quotes. Also, nothing happens to come with 4 nines and for Kepa the game he played yesterday is very important, but I must say that we played very badly for 60 minutes “.

thomas guasch: “5.5. Anyone who doesn’t go to the big Eurocup, which can happen, come back via different airports and with wigs. Hopefully it will be a little more fun than yesterday.”

Miguel Rico: “A naked pass, 5. A massive victory for the game we saw. Little can be said about the team. A team that won 3-0 cannot be suspended.”

Santiago Canizares: “I’m more optimistic, a 7. I really liked Nacho in defense. I didn’t like the midfield. All the players that came on from the bench were brilliant”.

David Albelda: “Thinking that it’s De la Fuente’s first time, which is a short time, I give it a score of 7. You have to think about everything, not just the game. You can’t touch the excellent. we saw on the field”.

Antonio Ruiz: “As I see that they continue with bad habits… I put a 7.5. It comes from a relative failure in the World Cup. He makes his debut and wins with authority. I want to know if I have to play in a certain way or worth worth winning?? You have to be more patient”.

Roberto Palomar: “5.5. I liked it at the beginning and at the end, but in the middle I didn’t like it at all. Yesterday there was plan b. The dynamics changed with the changes. I would like to improve plan a. We scored early and it didn’t give us peace of mind.”

What is more, siro lopez he gave the team a 6 and then I saw the Tertulion this first game of this new Spain.

Lastly, It is also worth noting the views of Isaac Fouto and Joseba Larrañaga himself..

Joseba Larranaga: “I like De la Fuente, he got the calls right like Joselu did. He got the changes right, but the initial idea wasn’t good. The tie was closer than 2-0”.

Isaac Fouto: “I don’t think it’s right that Antoñito was alone in this debate when he was absolutely right. I trust this coach and I think they’re going to kill him”.


The next match of the Spanish selection will be this Tuesday, in Glasgow, against Scotland. For this game, according to Miguel Ángel Díaz, Luis de la Fuente is expected to keep his spine.

The expedition arrived in the Scottish country early this Sunday.