Just 7 days ago, I was jumping in the Bodeguilla de COPE Castellón on the occasion of the Magdalena festivities, at the Hotel NH Mindoro, confirmation of an increasingly widespread rumor: the president of Villarreal, Fernando Roig, announced the departure of the Endavant project from teams from the city of Castelló claiming “disagreements and that the attempt to create a union was not possible”.

A rupture between Groguet’s team and the Castelló town hall was not surprising, but was regretted due to the important repercussions it could have on sport in the capital beyond football. The loss of total income is estimated at around 700,000 euros, which would be close to a million if we add the withdrawal of sponsorship from Tau Cerámica to Amics del Bàsquet.

That same day, and in the said bodeguilla, Roig and Marco had a first meeting, in which they met for this week in order to find a solution to the said conflict. Before, yes, the mayor will meet this afternoon with representatives of the affected clubs to make a first analysis of the situation and try to study possible solutions for this significant drop in revenue.

As the meetings arrive, and beyond the noise coming from social networks, the clubs continue to give their opinion on this decision. This is the case of the president of Castellón Handball (beneficiary within the “Endavant” of 5,000 euros per season), Rafa Martí, who in statements to COPE regretted “the management of the authorities of Castelló, who did not think beforehand about what they were going to do or who would be harmed, since almost all clubs in the capital are harmed”.

Martí also criticized that “now we will all find ourselves in difficulties and we will have to look under the stones, because we doubt that the institutions will increase the aid that they have not received for years”.

The president of Castellón Handebol also regretted and criticized the management of the Department of Sports, to which he recalled that “it was already known that Villarreal renewed the registrations in Ciutat, this person also knows the need that we had for that money from Villarreal because the institutions of the capital they don’t help us like they do. Once the filling is done, it wouldn’t have been bad for the city council to look for an “entente cordiale”, but it seems that there is only football, and the rest is superfluous”.

Martí concluded by warning that “Castelló sold itself years ago as the city of sport and, at the rate we are going, it will become a wasteland”.

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