It couldn’t be missed and it has been. Along with other ambassadors of the French house, Penelope Cruz He traveled to Paris to attend the Chanel Fall-Winter 2023-2024 collection show. The Spaniard is an international reference for the legacy that Coco Chanel left us years ago and it was under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld that Pe became the most beloved Spaniard in the house.

His arrival at the parade could not have been more spectacular. Penelope stepped out of a car sporting endless legs in a total Chanel look that drew attention for its feathers. However, it was his mane, shiny and voluminous, the one who took all the spotlight.


To discover the secret of this Visual change interpreter’s hair we contacted Mª José Llata, director of Peluquería Llata ​​​​​​Carrera, in Cantabria.

Penélope Cruz foilayage highlights that rejuvenate

Penélope Cruz flaunts “super shiny hair, with some foilayage highlights in golden blondewhich are evenly worked on in the middle and at the ends, along with other well-defined locks that start practically at the root and are strategically distributed throughout the entire length of the hair”.

Llata ​​​​confirms that “it is a look that deviates a little from the naturalness that we are used to, but it is also very flattering, as brings a lot of light to the face and softens its features. In addition, the color contrasts are very harmonious and offer a younger and bolder image. The color is enhanced by the movement of the hair, styled and naturally messy.”

How to Get Penelope Cruz’s Mane

In general, Penelope Cruz is known for her very healthy dark hair, which she often wears loose or in extremely stylish hairstyles. He has long and short hairwith and without bangs, and has tried different colors, like he blonde, reddish brown and black. and it is to the former that he seems to lean over the years.

It is also very common to see her bet on the fake bangs and thanks to her these hair accessories experienced a boom moment that still continues. Although she doesn’t usually wear extensions, for years Penelope has also been betting on very voluminous hairstyles that give her hair movement. Gone are the straight ‘table’ hair that was so popular in the nineties.

Also, at age 48, Penelope knows that beauty evolves and she knew how to adapt perfectly to the new needs of her wardrobe and her hair.