Ghosts and Goblins it is synonymous with difficulty and despair. This was breaking players’ patience long before Dark Souls was on Hidetaka Miyazaki’s mind. It is considered the hardest game ever. It is a platform game developed by Capcom and released for arcade machines in 1985. It later reached numerous home platforms, the NES version being one of the best with sales reaching 1.6 million cartridges worldwide.

In Ghosts ‘n Goblins, we control a knight called Sir Arthur, who must face zombies, giants, demons and other monsters to rescue Princess Prin Prin. he was kidnapped by astaroth, also known as the Devil, Lucifer or Great Satan, who is the king of the demonic world. As we advance, we gain new weapons, armor and bonuses that allow us to play using different strategies.

Advancing through the levels is not easy, but things get complicated with your life system. We lose a life for every two hits. If we die, we must restart the level or start from the checkpoint… if we have reached it. Also, we lose a life if we don’t complete the level within the set time limit.

Most players believe that the first ending that you see is the only one. After defeating the final boss, the game tells us that we are in an illusion, a trap devised by Satan, and that we must move on. This is a pretty rough ending, because it takes us back to the beginning of the game. The hidden or secret ending of the original game is reached returning to complete the adventure. Then we see Sir Arthur hugging the princess with the message:

Congratulations. This story has a happy ending. Thanks. Being the wise and courageous knight that you are, you feel strength welling up in your body. Return to the starting point. Win the challenge again.

This is where Ghosts ‘n Goblins really ends, but still we can go back to the beginning of the game to complete it as many times as we want. Although the “true ending” is the latter, many players still prefer the former, turning the adventure into an endless loop.

And things don’t get better with Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection, the eighth game in the series released on February 25, 2021 for Nintendo Switch and later for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Getting this installment’s secret or true ending requires more than completing the game a second time: there are collect all 17 demonic orbs which are achieved by completing the “Shadow Levels”, clearing the Hellholes, and defeating the final boss in the last “Shadow Level”. This also grants access to the armory.

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