He cognitive decline It is characterized by changes in thinking, learning, memory, judgment and decision making. This brain degeneration also includes memory loss, difficulty concentrating, remembering or problem solving, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Taking this description into account, it is evident that if cognitive deterioration should be stopped or even avoided, it is one of the objectives of the scientific community, which continually shares different tips for keep the brain in shape

One of the specialists to contribute with his grain of sand in this field was Uma Naidoo, researcher at Harvard and author of the book This is your brain in food (What food does to your brain), a guide with foods you can eat and those you should avoid.

“You have power at the tip of your fork. This is something that is under your own control and it is very powerful for you to know this.says Naidoo in an interview with BBC. The expert ensures that in addition to taking care of food, it is necessary to keep vitamins in mind, and the researcher wanted to highlight one type above all else: vitamin B. “There are several and each has an important function for the brain.”

Types of B Vitamins

The specialist explained to the said medium what function each type of B vitamin fulfills:

Vitamin B-1, also known as thiamine, helps us carry out basic cellular functions and with the metabolism of different nutrients. But that’s not all, as we have low levels of this vitamin, we can have problems with our cognitive function.

Then there is one of the best known, the B-12, “Essential for the formation of red blood cells and DNA, but also helps the nervous system, the development and functioning of the brain”, says the specialist.

In turn, the B-2 it helps us produce energy and break down fats. while the B-3it is responsible for working with the enzymes that produce the cholesterol and fats necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

O B-6 She is responsible for disease prevention and, in fact, having adequate levels of this vitamin decreases the risk of cancer. O B-7 it also has a very relevant function: it ensures that brain-body communication is fast.

Finally, Naidoo also highlighted the B-5 and B-9. The former helps to break down “fatty acids for energy” and the latter is known as folic acid.

Folic acid is responsible for supporting “optimal neurotransmitter function and brain health. It collaborates in the formation of DNA and promotes cellular detoxification”, explains the specialist. And something very important: having low levels of this vitamin also means having a low mood

The maintenance of optimal levels of this vitamin becomes relevant for Naidoo, and ensures that only with “eat green leafy vegetables”, levels will remain stable and our mental health will thank you.

the foods to eat

Vitamins B-12, B-9 and B-1 are those that are directly related to the functioning of the brain, and many of them can be found in food, many of them in fact. And to remember them all, the expert created a word to remember most of them: BIGYESS (A big yes, translated into Spanish.)

O B. refers to the word beans, which in Spanish means beans. In this Naidoo letter includes all the legumeswho are rich in this vitamin.

The I does not refer to anything specific, just to form an easy-to-remember word. while the G. Equals green (vegetables Green leaf).

O AND and the yogurt rich in B-2 and B-12. “Always choose the type of natural yogurt. There’s even non-dairy yogurt that has these vitamins. Then look for it”, recommends the expert.

In turn, the AND (eggs) they are the eggs, rich in B-7. OS is salmon which contains B-2, B-3, B-6 and B-12. And it is known to be very beneficial for the brain.

Finally, the s are the Sunflower seeds, High at B-5. “It’s easy to add them to a salad or drink to get this vitamin and add it to your diet,” says the expert.

Of course, it’s not enough to limit yourself to eating these foods, but you need to integrate them into a healthy and balanced diet: “When it comes to vitamins, Believing that eating or drinking something extra will help you more is usually a myth.“, ensures.

Lastly, the BBC took the opportunity to ask the specialist to share some advice, and he didn’t hesitate twice in recommending a well-known fruit, the orange: “don’t buy the orange juice box. Because the orange has the peel, the fiber, the nutrients of vitamins, the minerals that you need. Orange juice usually has a ton of added sugar and fiber removed, making it a less healthy version.”