The journal Alzheimer’s % Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Monitoring of Diseases reveals some very interesting results for combating the onset and delaying the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Yes, according to researchers from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) and the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary (Canada), there is evidence of a relationship between the intake of food rich in vitamin D and the risk of developing dementia.

This is very interesting because deep down it is true that we are what we eat and it is fundamental to know what kind of foods must be part our diet. Vitamin D, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘hormone’ because of its remarkable benefits for the bodyis present in an infinite number of food daily and that’s why we want to focus on them to include them in healthy menus that help us take care of the brain.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Usually this vitamin has been associated with its importance for fight iron deficiency in both children and adults. The aforementioned research sheds more light on the benefits of taking food that contains vitamin D and how it significantly improves the overall functioning of the body. In cases of dementia, it improves the condition and functioning of the brain and can help delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

In this article we wanted to collect healthy food which stand out for their high vitamin D content. It includes fish and other frequently consumed products, such as eggs and dairy products, especially some dairy products, in addition to milk.


probably the best of blue Fish when what you are looking for is that extra supply of vitamin D. It is a magnificent food with a fat content of just 15 grams per 100 grams of raw material. In its list of components, the fact that it is a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids stands out. As for vitamins, that being said, D is queen in this fish. Beside him, the A, the E and the D.


another of blue Fish include in your diet. Tuna is famous for its flavor and characteristics. In fact, for some time now it has been valued as a spectacular product that has been gaining prestige both in domestic consumption, in homes, as well as in hotels and gastronomy as a whole.

Tuna is rich in vitamin D, so it’s important to take it into account. And it is not a question of consuming it only and exclusively in a conventional way, buying it frozen or fresh in fishmongers, the one especially complex and for some time economically expensive. There is the possibility of taking it in canned cans. A can of tuna provides 100% of the vitamin D the body needs daily, so there are no excuses…

anchovies and sardines

Others blue Fish great for the body. Anchovies and sardines, easy to find in fishmongers and nearby stores at acceptable prices. They are fatty fish with a perfect level of vitamin D. Add to this the A and D and such healthy and positive minerals for the body as selenium, potassium or phosphorus. They are eaten well accompanied and marinated or grilled, so it is easy to incorporate them into any healthy and light menu.


This food is magnificent. The eggthat has been showing more and more that it is a product that should be very present in the domestic pantry, it is great because it is a source of natural food in relation to vitamin D. It is largely present in the yolks, so there is nothing like taking it in a boiled egg or preparing scrambled eggs and tortillas with them and thus obtaining the doses that the body requires for a better and more efficient normal functioning.

Cheese and Vitamin D

At the beginning we mentioned cheeses as a source of vitamin D. Any one of them is not valid, there are countless different cheeses, but below we refer to the most recommended for this purpose: gouda and emmental cheese, parmesan, cheddar, camembert or semi-cured manchego. Certainly some of these are your tastes and preferences. Do not hesitate and put it in the shopping cart.

Cow milk

Add and continue to this list of food recommended to increase the vitamin D present in our body. Milk is added to oily fish such as tuna, sardines and anchovies, eggs and other dairy products such as cheeses. Including it in the diet is the way to combat the relatively widespread vitamin D deficiency in a large part of the population.

People who have a particularly significant deficiency of this vitamin will find various milks enriched with vitamin D on the market. These products provide greater amounts of this, which allows them to reach or approach the vitamin D requirements necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Other foods that provide vitamin D to the body

There are other products and foods that should be included in the daily food if what you are looking for is to alleviate a certain deficit or deficiency of vitamin D. Among the fish, you can add bonito and mackerel, canned oil, herring, horse mackerel and white bait. Also the eggs.

Point out and separate other products such as bread rolls, some sweets, butter and liver, foie gras and pâtés in general. Croquettes, meatballs, empanadas or meat pies… The list is interesting. It’s best to choose the ones you like the most and add them when planning your weekly menus. Eating healthy foods and the less processed the better is what allows for better health and helps the body function properly.

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