It’s been more than 30 hours of departure on my journey through night city And I couldn’t help but bump into the evil that will always haunt Cyberpunk 2077: bugs. the work of RED Project CDdespite the messages he saw on social networks, he continues to suffer from the problems of one of the most controversial releases of all time.

The crisis, the delays and an excessive ambition when it came to creating one of the great RPGs of the generation ended up sowing very serious wounds to a title that was aiming for the top of the industry. Despite all this, the reflection after overcoming the cosmopolitan city adventure is as obvious as the mistakes I encountered.

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collateral damage

The expectation since the Polish developer announced cyberpunk 2077 it was maximum. It was 2012 and there was still nearly a decade left to discover the final result of what was being cooked in the studio. What objectives did the engagement team set? The truth is that practically anything is possible, wanting to reach the level of a production that marked a before and an after at a graphic, artistic, mechanical level and paths in the plot.

the signature of Keanu Reeves, the gameplay of 2019… the cards that appeared on the table were building a castle of unstoppable hype that I adhered to without any doubt. All of that fell at once when a version for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles appeared that was light years away from the standards of what a video game with these characteristics should be. A disastrous performance, accompanied by improper errors ended with the worst results.

There are few examples in video games of a title having to be pulled from digital stores, but cyberpunk 2077 has the sad honor of being part of this select group. despite that the project investment was recouped instantly and that senior managers got away with it, the developers laid out a clear roadmap for achieving the initially set goal.

Through the release of a next-gen patch and Cyberpunk Edgerunners, the community resurrected the game to spread the word that it was time to address such an abused RPG. I agree with this view, but you can’t hide a reality that will probably never go away.

don’t cover your eyes

i wasn’t playing for an hour cyberpunk 2077 when I found the first bug. When I was meeting Jackie Welles at Lizzie’s, I could watch the bartender serve drinks with a glass crossed in hand. An instant that was imprinted in my brain, but which I quickly put aside in the face of what was to be one of the best scenarios I’ve ever seen.

I assumed my role as a relentless and unscrupulous Corps, but the mistakes are as capricious as they are persistent. You get used to seeing bodies that cross walls, cars that bury themselves in the ground, characters that have to walk in the middle of traffic and the constant explosion of vehicles. It’s as natural as driving and the vibration gets stuck in the DualSense, forcing you to restart the game.

I wasn’t surprised to exit the menu and find that V can only move sideways, which builds cannot decide to load the correct texture or that when trying to start the game you just can’t do anything. The list could go on, but the intent of the text is not to draw blood, just as the photos you see are not searchable on the internet. These are screenshots from my adventure through Night City.

In short, the balance cannot fail to be positive, because disregarding cyberpunk 2077 having birth injuries is missing out on a great RPG. I have been critical of the lack of excellence in this section, but it cannot be denied that this is one of the most accomplished visual works of recent times. It’s impossible not to stop in the middle of the street in Japantown and not believe that you really are in a futuristic dystopia.

The mechanics, despite not having taken full advantage of my own rules, are varied and nurture a gameplay that feels fun at all times and with possibilities. Shooting bullets that aim for the head, melting an enemy’s brain with a simple hack or riding the motorcycle like Akira are pleasures that are there and I won’t miss them at all. Plus, I’ll be at the foot of the canyon with the Phantom Liberty DLC.

It’s likely that The Witcher 3’s branding also weighed heavily on the game in comparison, albeit a tunnel look. I am deeply interested in gangs like the Sons of Voodoo, I hate the presence of Johnny Silverhand and I was manipulated by Arasaka like any other inhabitant of the city. I lived the experience of cyberpunk 2077 from top to bottom, even with those scars so deep they will never go away. I didn’t let any of that stop me from hallucinating at every turn of the title.

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