By reviewing proposals from the best companies, you’ll find the perfect dress for this spring according to your body type.

Now that we’ve debuted the season of spring we sure want to find dresses that are beautiful, that set trends and that look good on us, but many times we buy these dresses without being very aware that perhaps what we see that looks good in an image or on a mannequin in the store, will not remain the same when we see it placed in our body. It is therefore important to know which silhouette you have and from there you can choose the one that best suits you. That’s why we analyze the latest proposals from the main companies in the fashion and we introduce you the spring dresses that best suit your body type

Spring dresses according to your body type

Fashion companies have already presented their fashion collections for spring of 2023 and as it couldn’t be otherwise, the dresses are the protagonists so don’t miss any of them though always, taking into account your silhouette to choose the best models.

hourglass silhouette


besides having a relatively narrow waisthourglass shaped bodies too have shoulders and hips of the same width. The most flattering dresses in this regard are those that highlight the curves of the figure and adapt to it. Either a straight-cut tunic design like the one you see above in the Asos image (€10.35), or a tube dress like what you see below, from Zara (49.95 euros) It will be the right choices.


Triangular or pear-shaped silhouette


Triangular or pear-shaped silhouettes are those in which the shoulders are narrower than the hips. In these situations, the ideal is to choose pieces that emphasize the top and divert attention from the bottom, such as V-necklines, puff sleeves like the model you see in the Mango photo (49.99 euros) or other similar features. Two elements that can raise a design to a 10 are a few Distinctive shoulder pads and a plunging neckline.

inverted triangle silhouette


If you have an inverted triangle silhouette the widest area is the shoulders, whereby choose dresses with the most striking bottom It’s a good way to hide your breast volume. Furthermore, those who start in the neckline the same as the model you see above from Lefties (25.99 euros), They tend to have a looser fit on the skirt part.

Rounded silhouette or apple


In addition to having more volume in the chest or abdomen, round bodies are characterized by lack of defined lines around the waist and hips. Specifically, it is fundamental to choose dresses that are fastened to the waist through, for example, a belt like what we see in this picture, by Zara (39.95 euros), with a shirt design.

rectangular silhouette


Given that no distinction between shoulders, waist and hips in these silhouettes, it is crucial to create the missing curves. The main components of the ideal dress for someone with this body type will be bold prints, scoop necklines and tight skirts as we see in this model of Desigual on sale at El Corte Inglés (99.95 euros).