As temperatures rise, the layers are reduced until we are below the minima. This spring-summer we will apply this theory to the maximum with dresses cut outasymmetrical, lingerie and with transparencies.

However, the fashion sector has more and more influences and this, combined with the impulse of Generation Z, will make this season let’s go with everything We have so much inspiration that you will surely be able to adapt any trend to your style.

Dresses that are in trend this spring-summer 2023 season: with transparencies

A trend indicated only for the most daring and that at the same time can be synonymous with sophistication and elegance: the woman’s body. Firms such as Fendi and Siriano have opted for sheer dresses for this spring-summer season and they have convinced us.

If you want to jump into the sensuality pool, but it scares you a little, you can start playing with the layers, the art of layering, revealing only what makes you comfortable. Overlays, at any time of the year, are also a trend.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: with details cut out

They were the strongest during the strong Coachella years and since 2020 they have been very present again. The dresses with details cut out They will also be a trend this spring-summer 2023 season.

We can find more classic designs such as PatBo’s red, which plays with the inversion of the teardrop neckline or this green fantasy that reminds us of Eve in paradise. Too bad she isn’t carrying an apple-shaped purse.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: lingerie or slip dresses

We can say that the trend of lingerie dresses has already become a wardrobe staple. However, it is true that many companies have decided this season to take the bedding out of the living room and expose it.

This trend is closely related to that of just sometimes allows you to take it in a more casual way by adding to the equation of clothes a jacket or cardigan like these that are perfect for spring. It includes some sports shoes and transforms the visual in your basics for these months.

Dresses that are trending this spring-summer 2023 season: with asymmetrical neckline

The last years of the first decade of the 2000s were undoubtedly the asymmetrical dresses that this spring-summer season also found in proposals such as those by Ulla Johnson, Lunchen, Alexandre Vauthier or Kim Shui.

Lunchen is the company that dressed Rosalía with the visual festival-goer with perfect transparencies to pick up her Producer of the Year award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: Kylie Minogue-style hooded dresses

More years have passed than we would like since the attack on the Australian singer of I Can’t Get Out of My Head and your iconic visual from the music video is back. All of a sudden, we started seeing hooded dresses everywhere. And they even convince us! It looks like it’s the evolution of the winter balaclava.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s businesswoman and partner, Giorgina Gio, debuts the second season of her reality on Netflix later this month and a few weeks ago he left us a visual also with this tendency in one of his first public appearances in his new place of residence.

Dresses that are trending this spring-summer 2023 season: with floral appliqués

As Miranda Priestly would say, flowers? For spring? Innovative! Ok, it may not be the most innovative, but it is true that this year they appear in a different way. Instead of prints, we find them in appliqués. And of course to the neck in the form of a choker. How proud Carrie Bradshaw must be!

Aitana was the latest to wear this trend and some say she reminds her a bit of Phoebe Buffay.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: metallic

We could say that metallic colors form, along with neutrals, the basic color palette of our closet. However, this season they don’t stop at accessories and complements, but go further and conquer complete pieces.

Spin Birger Christensen

Designer Stéphane Rolland, whose muse par excellence is Nieves Álvarez, also included this trend in his latest runway proposal. His creations stand out for the game of silhouettes and volumes and he is responsible for dressing the model and presenter on most of the red carpets.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: draping

Hellenic style dresses that remind us of ancient Greece, but also the unforgettable ones visual of Zendaya in Venice dressed by Balmain from a few years ago. Well used, draping is the best allies to enhance our figure and bring out what we love most about ourselves.

Dresses that are hot this spring-summer 2023 season: balloon

No, it’s not about the ghost of Christmas past or the ex-partners, what scares us now is the one with the balloon dresses. This spring-summer 2023, the silhouette that conquered us in 2009 and that populated the hangers of the Blanco store returns.

Join the trends in dresses this spring-summer 2023

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