In Spain, it is estimated that around half a million people suffer from some Eating Disorder (ACT). A type of disorder that affects the younger population more and that in women can be two and a half times more frequent than in men, according to the Spanish Society of General and Family Doctors (SEMG).

Disorders that can also be generated due to anxiety or stress. And that’s it, to anyone who hasn’t had the known experience at some point in their life anxiety to eat And then have you ever felt an uncontrollable urge to consume some food?

An increasingly common problem, especially in a world where work and haste are the order of the day. But precisely so that this anxiety does not become a problem in your diet, in your physical form and on your health, so let’s introduce it 7 foods that will help you control that irrepressible anxiety to eat. Write down!

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7 foods that prevent hunger caused by anxiety


Its high content of vitamins and minerals, along with its few calories, make it one of the best foods to eat when anxiety strikes.

In addition to being a delicious food in all its varieties, fruits have micronutrients, but also fiber and watertwo key components to alleviating anxiety about eating.


Something similar happens with vegetables, and that is that they have a high content of minerals, vitamins, water and fiber. All of this makes them manage to contain their appetite and maintain a feeling of satiety for longer.

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Dry fruits

Nuts are another one of those essential foods to eliminate food cravings, thanks to the fact that they provide B3. This nutrient helps reduce anxiety and insomnia.

Both peanuts and walnuts are rich in niacin, so they are a good option for those times when you feel like snacking between meals. And this combined with the fact that they are foods rich in omega-3 fatty acidswhich means it adds an essential nutrient to our body.

Fiber rich foods

Satisfying your appetite is fundamental to controlling your anxiety about eating, and for that there is nothing better than fiber. This type of nutrient is very healthy for our body.

The reason? On the one hand, it helps to optimize otintestinal transit and therefore helps to purify the body and on the other hand it has that perfect satiating effect to avoid overeating. Fiber can be found in some cereals, in the vast majority of fruits and vegetables or in legumes.


Often, when you feel anxiety about eating, the most common thing is that you want to eat sweet things or a snack, but the truth is that both options do not constitute a complete meal, but a simple snack.

In these cases, it is best to choose fruit or oats. The latter is a cereal that has a large amount of fiber and numerous health benefits.

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Legumes are also among the most filling foods, thanks to their high protein and fiber content, unlike legumes. animal proteins. Thanks to this, the satiating effect of legumes is greater, faster and also lasts longer.

Water: While it might seem like water doesn’t fit on this list, we predict this simple liquid to be one of the most important ones on this list. And is that, in addition to being essential to keep us hydrated and for the proper functioning of our body, water can also calm the food anxiety.

In fact, the body often confuses hunger with thirst and this is something that often leads us to eat more than we should. A good way to guarantee our hydration and not overdo it with meals is to drink one or two glasses before each meal.

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