Cameras to “see” sound are already a reality. How does it work and for what purpose were they created?

These sophisticated acoustic chambers are capable of

The universe of cameras has grown and developed exponentially in recent years. Currently, improvements are practically imperceptible to the human eye, so they are usually related to artificial intelligence or the addition of other additional services. Now, did you know that acoustic chambers actually exist? Although it seems absurd, the truth is that There are units that are capable of capturing images and additionally the sound emanating from a certain location.

This technology has become popular in recent years due, above all, to the possibilities it offers in certain specific uses. Cameras in this class are polishing its development to be marketed at standard level and, without a doubt, its first results are very interesting. We are, without a doubt, facing a differentiating technology in the market that is worth analyzing. Who knew that it would be possible to analyze the images and, at the same time, verify the place where the sound is being emitted?

Let’s see what are the keys behind this technology, why it is a key element to understand the proposal and its possible practical applications and, of course, to what extent we are facing a differential solution in terms of technology. After all, we are facing a new source of Obtaining information with very interesting practical applications.

Acoustic chambers: why they are revolutionary and what could be their main use

This technology stands out for being able to represent the exact location where sound waves are emitted. In the previous images it can be clearly seen how the protagonist, when playing the guitar and singing a song, the innovation developed is able to locate the space in which the events occur with a high success rate. We are, without a doubt, facing a key element that allows us to “see” the sound.

For this to be possible, according to information from TechEblog, it is necessary to install a variety of high-quality microphones in the camera itself. In this way, it is possible to capture sounds in those specific areas where the different audio episodes are being produced. A Software Specialist takes care of integrating both technologies to create a differentiated and unique representation.

Among the possible applications of this proposal, it is worth mentioning analysis of noise pollution in a given space public. Thanks to this proposal, a differentiated performance can be obtained to know which are the most dangerous places in this facet. After all, it was possible to demonstrate how noise pollution from the automotive sector, among others, can be very harmful to health in the medium and long term.

Now, are you thinking of getting one of these cameras? The truth is that it shows that we are facing a technology that hardly has a market and models available. In fact, if you want to get a unit, you will have to pay, at current prices, about $5,000. As you can see, it is a product that has not yet been designed for all audiences, but for organizations specialized in sound measurement.