The Board of Trustees of the Picasso Museum Foundation in Malaga. Legacy Paul Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, a private entity representing the family of Pablo Picasso and the Junta de Andalucía, has begun the process of replacing José Lebrero, artistic director of the Picasso Museum in Malaga. A news that the workers of the art gallery in Malaga claim to have known this Tuesday through the media and the institution’s own website, and deny having been officially informed.

The main surprise was, according to the works council, the working conditions. “According to data from the institution’s transparency portal, compared to the 63,550 euros that the current director would charge, including supplements, the new one will charge 80,000 euros per year, plus 35,000 euros for accommodation and 5,000 euros for own travel”, they criticize. . In addition, they add that “only six workers at the Picasso Museum in Málaga, out of the 83 employees, reach an annual base salary slightly above the new supplement of 35,000 euros per house”; economic conditions that, in addition, will be updated annually according to the general index of the cost of living of the province of Malaga, one of the highest in Spain, indicate.

They also point out that the works council spent five months in “extensive talks” with the company to negotiate the fifth collective agreement. A negotiation with which, they point out, “they intend to correct the significant loss of purchasing power that they have been dragging for years” was due to “the absence of a salary increase for eight years (Agreement II and III), salary reductions between 3% and 7% (2010 ) and two ERTEs (2020 and 2021)”

In this way, the workers claim to have carried out a comparative study with the agreements of ten other museological institutions, in which it was verified that both the salary conditions and the working hours and hours “are much lower than the other institutions”.

The workers at the Malaga art gallery express their confidence that the company will dedicate itself to negotiating the fifth alliance of the Picasso Museum in Málaga “with due consideration for the work we have carried out, in this year when the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death is celebrated”.

It is worth remembering that Lebrero arrived at Picasso in October 2009, after passing through Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art. The solution after the departure of the first head of the Picasso Museum, Carmen Jimenezwho led the creation of the cultural space almost twenty years ago, and who left office shortly after its inauguration, in 2004, went hand in hand with Bernardo Laniado-Romero, whom Lebrero replaced. Precisely, after a farewell to her day with not a few turbulences, the return of Carmen Jiménez is expected in the coming months as curator of one of the exhibitions of this great party of 2023.

The artistic director of the museum already transferred the intention to leave the responsibility last year, but he was asked to postpone the departure until the end of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the death of Picasso, in 2023, according to sources close to the Museum. negotiation. In this way, Lebrero hopes to remain linked to Picasso for a few more months, until he turns 70 and retires, but exclusively at work. artistic. José Lebrero declined to make statements to this newspaper. Of course, close sources took it upon themselves to underline the harmony that he maintains with the current Culture team of the Directorate and above all with Solomon CastielSecretary General of the Ministry.