The latest addition to Disco Elysium hasn’t finished convincing fans of the blockbuster RPG.

A few days ago, the authors of the successful Disco Elysium released a curious update: the collage mode. Unlike the usual Photo Mode, capable of freezing the image at the precise moment to apply the relevant filters and changes in order to obtain an optimal result, Collage Mode is committed to giving the player the opportunity to put the characters you want on stage. However, although it was born as a curious addition for players, in a few days Collage Mode became a novelty reason for dispute Among the current members of the ZA/UM and the Disco Elysium fan community.

In early October, various news items began to sink deeper into the bad work environment that exists at ZA/UM, the developer behind Disco Elysium. At that time, it was revealed that Several key members of the title’s development left the company “involuntarily”a news that meant a pitcher of cold water for the sequel. After that, just a few weeks later one of the authors of the game sued the studio due to the current situation, an event that completely exploded when it became known that new license holders face up to three years in prison. And, therefore, many think that Collage Mode has been used as a smokescreen cover up the reality of the study.

Disco Elysium Community Complains on Reddit, Steam, Twitter, and Other Platforms

As collected on PC Gamer, Disco Elysium fans are pretty angry about the recent addition. Among the many answers tweet announcing the new addition, many players may be dissatisfied with the situation. One of the most critical is qualtropa user who told them that in addition to “robbing creators of their own work”, with this content they were able to “turn it into this meme-riddled slush”, opinion shared by many others in the responses.

In this way, the aggregated content of Disco Elysium ended up becoming a form of expression for its followers to show their dissatisfaction with the current direction of the company. With one confirmed sequence It is an Amazon series on the way, many want the situation for the studio and the original creators of the game to be corrected. At the moment, the most recent information in this regard dates from November 2022date on which it became known that workers who had to leave the company are going to sue.

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