Epic got rid of these creations in Fortnite.

This Call of Duty Fortnite map has been removed and players are protesting
Rust, one of the emblematic maps of the Call of Duty saga.

Some time ago, Epic Games and Fortnite presented their new Unreal Editor, a level editor for all those people who want to give free rein to their creativity. On March 23, the company itself established a series of rules when making new creations, basically it is not allowed to make content that has copyright. That is, maps from other games are absolutely prohibited, and even recreating some maps from Fortnite itself will also be punished.

At first one might think that it would leave a bit of a baggy sleeve with this, but we could see that is not the case. Epic deleted several Call of Duty maps and it’s confirmed they weren’t kidding about this issue, now players who liked it are really pissed off for removing a gem like the one this person had created.

Epic does not play with the copyright of maps

All this was possible because, as we mentioned at the beginning, Epic released its new level editor with Unreal. This allows players to make an infinite number of creations, both maps and game modes, in addition, they will also be able to monetize the content to get extra money with the talent they offer us. The best thing about all this is that it can be done within the game itself, you don’t need anything external.

Not surprisingly, this led to many people unleash their full potential by creating authentic marvels and yes, also maps belonging to the Call of Duty saga. Among them are Rust or Shipment; something Epic will not tolerate. The creator of these maps has already confirmed that due to this policy they will not be creating any more copyrighted content, so we are done looking at these amazing recreations.

As you saw, Jawa Mist It’s been very clear and it’s how could it be otherwise, he’s pretty disappointed about it all. Although Epic had already warned about the problems that the creation of third-party maps would cause, they are still surprised to see the toughness with which the Fortnite company has acted. Furthermore, Jawa further confirms that he has deleted everything related to these maps from both YouTube and Twitter.

But if you were late to see these designs, don’t worry, so I’ll leave you a little video of jake luckyeSports commentator. Jake uploaded a video of one of Jawa’s creations, the map of Rust, to Twitter; this creation turns Fortnite into a shooter in first person and allows us to enjoy one of the most emblematic maps of the Activision saga.

Apparently these aren’t the only creations, we could also see a touch of Shipment in the video and also, zombie fans could also enjoy recreations that took us back to that era. We cannot deny that Mist Jawa has an incredible talent for creations. and it’s a shame that Epic doesn’t tolerate copyright creation, although again, it’s totally logical.