Farming Simulator 22 has been so successful that manufacturers in the sector are queuing up to be able to insert their producers in their different updates.

Video games have long ceased to be a simple hobby. And no, we’re just referring to the fact that they are yet another means of artistic expression, but their ability to change other industries forever. For example, the sale of agricultural machinery, something farm simulator became a reference.

It may seem like a simple title where users create and manage their virtual farm, but its success has been so great among the farming community that it now Giants Software receives hundreds of inquiries from manufacturers every year of tractors, harvesters, trailers, balers and seeders as they appear among the licensed machines in the video game. What’s more, some companies try to release their products concurrently with Farming Simulator updates, thus ensuring that they get the highest visibility possible.

This supposes, recall in a report by The Guardian, a paradigm shift in the way of acquiring agricultural machinery in the sector, formerly more accustomed to making these purchases through monographic fairs or specialized magazines, and a blessed problem for Giants Software, which in few years went from having to go door to door with the different brands in the sector to having a long waiting list of manufacturers waiting to be able to include their different models in the simulator.

And it’s not easy to make room for that. Giants Software already finances itself with contributions from the industry, but it only has the resources to be able to include 500 machines in the video game version for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and 130 in the mobile version. Keeping industry brands happy is a tough job, but Giants Software has a very high level of confidence, to the point of receiving engineering projects for its next products.

Tractors within everyone’s reach

Unlike racing video games, or Microsoft Flight Simulator, exposed by The Guardian, Farming Simulator deals with a sector where some of its thousands of users may end up buying some of the machines available, making it a valuable marketing tool. In short, a small revolution in the video game industry.

Farm Simulator 22 Its sales are in the millions, at least three million copies in the first few months, and it continues today, at least on Steam, with high levels of activity. For example, yesterday saw a peak of 39,300 playerss. The simulator is also present on consoles and cell phones with another version.

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