In turn, those of
Jesus Velasco don’t rest next week as they too will travel to
antequerabut contest the
last four from the
King’s Cupin which they will face in the semifinals against
palm futsalhe
saturday april 1 at the
2:30 pm.

Matty Rose


End of game in
olive sand, with distribution of points in a very competitive game until the last moment. In the first minutes of the match
jaén took advantage on the scoreboard, after the first goal of the
Velasco and after
Matty Roseafter the failure of
barge off the ball.

the replica of
Jesus Velasco it didn’t take long to arrive, with both
Matheus when we only had 7 minutes to play. The tie lasted on the scoreboard until the second half, after
Chinese missed two double penalties, and with this same action tied the match
Stingwith a fifth lack of
Michael much discussed by local stands.

End of game in
olive sand! Distribution of points between the two teams!

Finally, the Brazilian player is expelled for a double yellow card, for which the
barge He must play these last seconds of the game with one player less, if he does not receive a goal before due to numerical inferiority.

Jaén FS 2 – 2 Barça

Michael went to ground to cut the production of
antonio perez and ended up making the mistake, which leads to
barge to be able to tie the game with less than 2 minutes to go.

What a filtered passage from
Diego about
antonio perezand despite the bad control, he took the opportunity to test a shot that had to make the goalkeeper fly
jaén. Look for the draw for the culé team.

How well the Brazilian center turned, who pressed
Acts, and even managed to fire a dangerous shot that bounced off the wood. Now add a new fault
jaéncommitted by
tabordawhich is already yellow.

Despite playing with one less, he was about to score the
bargein individual game
Whistlewho went down very well and tried a quick shot that went close to the goal of the

player born in
assembly grabbed the shirt
espindolaafter an incursion that almost led him to score a goal, with the referees ordering his expulsion.

Start the second half on
olive sand!

Matty Rose

Didac Flat

End of the first 20 minutes in the park
olive sandwith the momentary victory of the locals by 2 goals to 1, after goals from
Velasco It is
Matty Rosewhich were only counterbalanced with the objective of
Matheus. those of
Daniel Rodriguez they took the lead right away on the scoreboard, although the replica of de
Velasco it didn’t take a minute.

jaén could count on the opportunity to have scored two more goals, and he reached five fouls very quickly and
Chinese He scored two double penalties. In the first of them the ball went to the wood, but in the second it was
didactic the one who was splendid to send the ball for a corner.

End of first half in
olive sand!

Missed second double penalty
Chinese in this game, although this time on the merit of
didactic. He managed to touch the ball with his fingertips and ended up sending it to a corner, to keep the minimum distance in the light.

Lozano’s foul was pointed out in the
Matty Rose, from whom he tried to steal the ball, but who ended up committing the illegal action. prepare the ball
Chinese again.

the player of
jaén impeded
Whistle managed to serve quickly, and the second warning of the game was won, after the first for the Brazilian pivot of the

He shot the double penalty
Chinese for
Jaén FSwho hit it with his right foot and the kick ended up hitting the left post of the
didactic, after the ball went past him and he could only contemplate it from behind. he is saved
barge of the third.

Jaén FS 2 – 1 Barca

Jaén FS 2 – 0 Barca

Jaen FS 1-0 Barca

Start the game on
olive sand!

Field draw and…
Let’s start!

| Didac; Antonio Pérez, Dyego, Catela and Adolfo.


On the part of the Catalans, they continue to dominate the table, as has been the case in most of the last rounds, and at the moment they are the leader of the competition with 2 games less, and have 55 points in 23 rounds, the same as
palm futsal.

The match, played at
Palau Blaugranawas of vital importance, and is that the passage to the
last four from the
King’s Cupwhich will be played next week in
antequera. The culés devastated the jienenses, with a devastating first half, in which they left 3 more, thanks to the goals of
antonio perez It is
Lush. In the second half,
jaén scored first, although two more goals from the hosts continued to make the performance more than difficult, and
Sergio Gonzalezformer player of the Andalusians, ended up scoring twice.

Jaén FS It is
barge will play today the match corresponding to the
day 24 from the
National Futsal Leagueat the
olive sand in
jaén. those of
Daniel Rodriguez They are clearly on an upline, and they confirmed this when they took over
Spanish Cup a few weeks ago, in addition to being at the top of the league. In turn, those of
Jesus Velasco today they play the last game before the
last four in
antequeraso they want to leave with the 3 point recipe against

Who will take the victory today? Let’s start!