The logistics industry, like many others, has decided to embrace automation. Many tasks that humans perform are being delegated to the machines in a trend that seems unstoppable. As technology advances, more jobs can be replaced by robots. It is a reality that, it should be noted, is not exempt from controversy and from those who speak out against it.

In addition to the conflicting opinions caused by automation, the development of robotics in different companies does not stand still. In fact, from time to time it surprises us with new advances. We already know the famous Boston Dynamics robots, whose agility has evolved by leaps and bounds, and Tesla’s new Optimus. A new actor has just joined these promises, the Digit V4 from Agility Robotics.

A multifunctional robot designed for logistics

Logistic establishments, as we say, usually have machines that are responsible for automating many of the daily processes. There are certain tasks, however, that cannot be performed by robots because physical spaces and dynamics of workers are molded to human operators. An example of this is the transfer of boxes from shelves to conveyor belts, something not so easy for automata.

Agility says its new robot is designed for such tasks and that adopting it to production is as simple as putting it to work. As it is designed to work in human environments, there is no need to modify infrastructure or logistical processes, which also translates into money savings. “Digit is the size and shape of a human being and is ready to work in your space”, they explain.

The company emphasizes the multifunctional capabilities of the device. They point out that it can perform a variety of tasks and adapt to different workflows. They even claim that the system is dynamic, which allows you to quickly switch between different tasks and can be programmed to work in shifts. One shift doing a certain task and another shift doing another task.

In terms of specifications, this new automaton is 175 cm tall, weighs 65 kg and can carry up to 16 kg (Tesla’s Optimus measures 1.73 cm and weighs 57 kg). Digit, according to the manufacturer, can work without rest between 16 and 24 hours. Once its autonomy reaches a limit level, it takes care of going to a charging station. Obviously they don’t indicate how long it takes to load 100%

You can walk forwards, backwards, sideways and even turn in place. Also walk crouching and on uneven ground. Other of his abilities include stopping when he notices a person or obstacle. So what is all this for? As we said, moving boxes or packages from one place to another and going on a moving truck and unloading the items when they reach the destination.

From Agility Robotics they say they expect to deliver their first robots early next year and announce general availability. from 2025. They don’t mention price, but are confident their technology will be well received by the logistics industry. The company also indicates that, according to its work philosophy, it does not seek to replace people, but to create machines “that can work with us in our spaces”.

Images: Agility

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