The Kit Digital program continues to run almost a year after its launch and more and more freelancers and small businesses are benefiting from these aids to digitize their activity. The Government, through the entity responsible for managing the Program, has already distributed more than 200,000 bonuses so that some of the approximately 10,500 companies registered as digitization agents implement technological solutions in the beneficiaries’ businesses.

As of now, after the last extension of the application deadline, self-employed workers, small businesses and micro-enterprises with less than fifty employees still have until December 2024 to process their application and access a digital voucher of 2,000, 6,000 or 12,000 euros, depending on its size. As soon as they request the aid and are notified that it has been granted, the deadlines will start to run and both the beneficiary and the digitizing agent he chose will have to go through different phases to implement the service and justify the use of the aid.

From the date on which the granting of the Digital Voucher was notified, the SME or self-employed person will have six months to access the catalog of digitizing agents at and choose one of the approximately 10,500 companies available. who offer their services.

After this procedure, they will have to sign a ‘digitization solutions supply contract’ with one or more agents that implement the digital solutions and the following phases of the process will begin: the implementation of the service and the justification of the agreements. explains the steps to justify the use of the Digital Kit help

For this reason, the program’s management entity,, has been responsible for informing through different informative videos the steps that must be followed in the justification process, one of the most doubts aroused.

As explained in, it is the digitizing agent who must present the justification of the digital receipt on behalf of the beneficiary. He Self-employed or beneficiary SME will only have to validate the electronic document when the scanner sends it to you.

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Steps for scanning agent

The process begins when the agent accesses the digitizing space with its user. In the contract processing menu option, justifications are accessed. The user must enter his digital certificate and after that he will be able to consult the fifty most recent justifications.

To start a new justification, the scanner agent You must select the option “start new justification”. To start it, it is necessary to have a previously validated contract. There is a space to put the number of the contract to be justified and you have to select start option.

The justification form consists of two pages. At the top of both, you can see the support account number, contract number, solution category, as well as the SME and scanner TIN. On the first page, reference is made to the technical report and the agent must fill in all the information requested in the form. Once completed, you must save and click next.

The second screen refers to the breakdown of all costs and documentary evidence. The user must enter the description and value without taxes of the concepts that appear in the cost breakdown table. The sum of all costs must be greater than or equal to the sum value associated with the contract.

Also, the sum of all rows in the table must match the invoice amount without tax. Once all the costs have been completed, the invoice will be attached, which must correspond to the sum of the costs. It will also be necessary to attach proof of payment, which is a mandatory document in all categories.

The beneficiary must sign the justification and return it to the agent

The last section corresponds to responsible declarations and express compliances. The first part is for the adherent scanning agent. Once filled in, click send to SME, and doing so will revalidate the entire form showing errors if any. Right now the justification is sent to the SME, pending compliance by the SME‘. In this state, all information can be consulted, but cannot be edited.

Once the justification has been validated by the SME, you can access it and verify that your status is pending submission. Accessing it, on the second page You can now consult the technical report, which is automatically generated, and will have to be signed and presented. At this moment, the justification changes to the “presented” state and the proof of presentation is generated, which will be available in the generated documents section.

How to correct an error justification of Digital Kit aids?

Although it is normal for the justification process to end once all documentation and document signatures have been submitted, there may be errors. also explained through an informative video the steps to correct them.

As in the process of submitting justifications, it will also be the digitizer who must present the correction of the justification of the digital title. From the scanner’s space, the user can consult the justifications pending correction in the notification mailbox or by searching the justifications that are in a state pending correction.

By accessing the notifications mailbox, you will be able to consult the electronic notifications received, being able to visualize in the concept which ones are related to the justifications pending correction.

Also, from the list of justifications, you can access the search engine and perform advanced searches, filtering by any of the search filters. Searching for those that have a justification situation equal to the term open for rectification, it will be possible to access the justifications in this situation. You must select the justification you want to correct and you will access the same form that was available in the initial submission.

In this form, all sections are open for the digitizer to correct the data or provide the documents requested in the rectification request. The page itself already warns at the beginning of each section or block of the correct way to proceed via a notice marked in red. The user must correct the data indicated in the message and/or attach the missing documents.

The digitizing agent must reconfirm its declaration of responsibility and subsequently send it to the SME. At this point, the justification is sent to the SME and it returns to the SME compliance pending status. Once again the company will verify the corrected justification and, once confirmed, it will return to pending shipment status. When accessing the justification again, the agent will be able to sign it with his digital certificate and the justification rectification will be presented.