ANDbasketball phenomenon that is taking over aday marawho turns 18 on April 7, has definitely crossed ‘the lagoon’.

The 17-year-old Spanish centre-back stands at 2.21m. height, 2.35 meters wide and 110 kilos, which has just play your best game in Liga Endesa with Casademont Zaragoza adding 15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks and a 22 RIP Against Obradoiro, the United States sees its price rise day after day before the 2024 NBA Draft.

The best Endesa League game of the promising giant Aday Mara

The magazine Sports Illustrated sees the Spanish teenage colossus as a player who “has elite physical tools. A threat close to the basket. An impressive level of footwork. An exceptional level of finishing for his age” and believes that “with his performance in one of the best leagues in the around the world, NBA scouts will undoubtedly be watching Mara and her development ahead of the 2024 Draft.”

In a report published by ‘Draft Summary’ at SI it is noted that Aday Mara manages to play in “the most important national league in Europe. The Spanish ACB is not always the friendliest environment for young players looking for minutes of development” due to its “high level of competition”.

Sports Illustrated notes that “Aday Mara is coordinated for his size but lacks an elite level of speed, making it difficult for him to change direction and rotate his hips.”

This is how Aday Mara plays, the pearl of Spanish basketball

Among the aspects to be improved by the Spaniard, they emphasize that “despite having enough jumping capacity to play over the hoop with relative ease, he is not exactly fast or powerful to climb, relying more on his size than on his explosiveness to hit the ball.” to paint”.

His low post game, his patience when receiving the paint, his feints, his footwork, his tact when shooting and his prodigious vision of the game are some of the virtues of Aday Mara that captivated NBA scouts.

Aday Mara: The Spanish Wembanyama?

In the United States, they compared Aday Mara, whose height they highlighted (he was measured at 2.21 m), mobility and understanding of the game, with the French midfielder Victor Wembanyama to what LeBron James described as “an alien” and that points to 1st pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

This is how the NBA sees Aday Mara: “He’s much more than a tall guy. For me, the sky is the limit”

chris ebersoleDirector of International Basketball Operations for the NBA, discussed Aday Mara’s role at the NBA’s BWB Global Camp during All Star Weekend: “I think he has a great opportunity to make it to the NBA. Many teams are already following him and “They have a good impression of him. In 2015 we had Lauri Markkanen and Jamal Murray and we didn’t know they could become NBA stars. He’s on that path of being able to play in the US and make a big impact with his future team.”

nacho garcia reproduced in ‘El Periódico de Aragón’ the words of the boss of elite basketball in the NBA about the Spanish center: “He is a very special player, with unique fundamentals for someone of his stature. He is much more than a tall guy. Defensively due to his height , he is a guarantee close to the basket. But in the current NBA they will demand more mobility from him. It is always difficult for players so tall, at any level, but he has already shown details that he can also improve a lot in this. For me, the sky is the sky your limit.”

Aday Mara’s great impact on Spanish and international basketball

Aday Mara made his ACB debut at the age of 17 years, 6 months and 9 days, demonstrating his enormous potential in his Casademont Zaragoza’s 83-97 defeat against Cazoo Baskonia: 8 points (2 of 3 on 2-point shots (there were two dunks), 1 of 2 free throws and 1 of 1 on triples), 4 rebounds and 1 assist in 19 minutes.

His international breakthrough came at the Under-17 World Cup in Malaga, where he helped Spain win silver with stats of 12.6 points, 5 rebounds and 1.6 assists and a great impact on the game.

Aday Mara’s brutal streak: the 2.20 Spaniard U17 against the USA…

Who is Aday Mara, the 2.20 m unicorn. of Spanish basketball?

Aday Mara was born on April 7, 2005 in Zaragoza. He is the son of basketball player Francisco Javier Mara (he played five ACB games for Basket Zaragoza between 1986 and 1988) and volleyball player Geli Gómez.

Nacho Duque published in that Aday Mara started out as a soccer goalkeeper, but at the age of eight he already measured 1.67 meters and decided to make the jump to the basket sport.

The young Spanish talent started playing basketball at Basket Lupus, before making the jump to Casademont Zaragoza’s youth academy.

In his training process, he played for Club Baloncesto El Olivar (EBA League) and Levitec Huesca (LEB Oro).