Perseverance and Ingenuity will collaborate more closely from now on. What implications does this decision have?

This is how the new alliance between the Perseverance rover and NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars works
Perseverance and ingenuity will develop the next mission together. Image: NASA

Mars has undoubtedly become one of the main keys to understand NASA’s innovative spirit. The objective remains the same on the part of the American public agency. The search for signs of life on Mars remains one of the main keys to continuing to maintain programs like Perseverance or Ingenuity. Now, how necessary are these high-tech robots to cooperate going forward? The key is at a certain delta.

According to information from Digital Trends, the current investigation is aimed at a delta that may have traces of water. For this, the shape of rocks and sediments will be studied, an aspect that will require the use of both means of obtaining information. In this section, Ingenuity will perform a whole series of aerial expeditions to get more accurate pictures of what might have happened at the site millions of years ago.

Let’s see, therefore, how the new way of functioning of both means of information will be, what are the most interesting keys to understand the innovative spirit of Perseverance and Ingenuity and, of course, the extent to which we find ourselves facing a differential partnership for the coming months, after all the two rovers will work side by side at a distance of just a few hundred meters. There are a number of risks being taken which, of course, require an ongoing series of communications.

An association on Mars that can mark a before and after in the expedition

Abercastell, this is the name of the precise place where it will be necessary to use joint communications between the two scientific means present on Mars. This is an association whose main objective is to obtain samples of information that can be decisive in the investigation. Therefore, it will be of special interest to carry out an analysis to understand the extent to which there is a great union between both elements. Are Perseverance and Ingenuity compatible or do they really perform very similar functions?

The first of them performs an analysis on the ground, while the second It is an element capable of making small displacements through the air. For some time, both units have been cooperating with the aim of taking advantage of communication in mission development. Now, we’re entering a particularly important time, as they’re going to be sharing an even more complicated space. We are facing much steeper terrain, so the risk of collision increases.

Continuous communication between both devices becomes essential. Ultimately, this makes it possible to obtain information about the successive explorations of the Martian soil. The new delta that will be analyzed will allow us to understand what could have happened millions of years ago and, of course, to see how far could liquid water exist In this place. We are undoubtedly facing one of the most interesting keys to how many moments have passed since the respective landings.

This is how the new alliance between the Perseverance rover and NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars works PAN

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