Bulls in Seville 2023

The bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo inaugurate the bullfighting season in Seville 2023

Juli wins two ears with the fifth bull of the afternoon, Gavilán raúl bent


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Six bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo They jumped into the arena of the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla this afternoon to open their bullfighting season, with what many classify as the most attractive poster of the year: Puebla residentJuliano Lopes’the july‘ and Andre rock king. A celebration to which the ‘No tickets’ sign at the ticket offices on Paseo de Colón, after selling more than ten thousand seats at the Monte Baratillo arena.

The confinement was approved by the corresponding government authorities, who twice validated the Bulls of Cádiz by Joaquín Núñez del Cuvillo. has been the first celebration of the Morante de la Pueblo seasona, after a long period of rest due to his extensive campaign in 2022. El Juli celebrates his silver anniversary as a bullfighter and Roca Rey arrives after triumphing with resonance this Holy Saturday at the French arena of arles, where it was understood with much of Santa Colomeno de La Quinta.

Besides, that Easter Sunday the new television platform Mundotoro.TV is launched, which will exclusively broadcast the entire April Fair, as well as the San Isidro Fair in Madrid. A new form of bullfighting transmission that, for the time being, can only be seen through mobile phones and computers. the platform He apologized to his subscribers good until the third bull they could not issue the celebration from the master When the bullfight is over, they will repeat it in full. To subscribers who complain and the company determines that they have not entered the broadcast of the day, Mundotoro.TV will offer to refund their subscription or a free monthly fee.

The bullfight, live bull to bull

  • The paseíllo breaks into the Maestranza with the sounds of the National Anthem. It doesn’t fit in Maestranza’s speeches where some fans already comment that their family members are having problems accessing Mundotoro TV. Morante de la Puebla is dressed in scarlet and gold; Juli, in lead gray and gold; and Roca Rey, in white and silver. At the end of the walk, a minute of silence was observed for the recent death of Rafael Chicuelo, the last link in the Seville bullfighting.

El Juli, Roca Rey and Morante de la Puebla in the Maestranza bullring

Raul bowed

  • Morante de la Puebla could do little with the first of the afternoon, called Farfonillo. The animal, with good initial conditions, has been very conditioned by its lack of strength, which has motivated its constant protests during the fight. After trying the two spikes, the bullfighter from La Puebla del Río made use of steel, leaving an almost complete lunge that withered.

Morante de la Puebla during his work

raúl bent

  • The second bull, a beautiful peach named Aviador, suffered from the same defect as his brother: lack of strength. The public protested when he lost his hands, although Gabriel Fernández Rey decided to put up with it. El Juli tried, lengthening the crutches and giving him plenty of room, even if it was in vain. He left a back lunge after a puncture

El Juli fighting the Aviator of Núñez del Cuvillo

raúl bent

  • The afternoon does not go back: another disappointment in this third. A soap-maker whose only good thing was his presence, an especially ‘beautiful’ bull. He didn’t get any fund. The public thanked Roca Rey for shortening his work, leaving a great attack, very well performed.

Roca Rey during his work on the Maestranza

raúl bent

  • The public begins to despair. The titular bull breaks his hand and comes off his hat, an animal of unpresentable shapes for a bullring of this category. He invested as one could intuit, taming. Morante did not use the crutch, he threw himself with the sword into the animal’s belly.

Morante fights the auctioneer’s hat

raul folded

  • And suddenly the spears became reeds, with a vibrant Gavião, a brave animal that had a lot of cloth to cut that put El Juli to the test, which coagulated him from start to finish, in a veronic display, with his hands very low, and a lesson of mastery with the crutch, subduing him from below and honing his virtues. Two ears.

Juli gets two ears with her second job

raúl bent

  • David Casas, responsible for narrating the bullfight this Easter Sunday on MundotoroTV, apologized to the platform’s 18,000 subscribers because even the third bull had not been able to broadcast the Maestranza celebration. When the bullfight is over, they will repeat it in full. To subscribers who complain and the company determines that they have not entered the broadcast of the day, Mundotoro.TV will offer to refund their subscription or a free monthly fee.

Roca Rey with the sixth bull of the afternoon

Raul Dubado

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