Jon Rahm made history by getting gain the Augustus Open after one last day where he capitalized on the advantage that Brooks Koepka had. At the age of 28, the golfer from Barrika managed to match his great idol, Seve Ballesteros, precisely on the day the Spaniard would have turned 66.

Rahm’s overcoming story began on November 10, 1994, the day he came into the world. Practically a few minutes after birth, he needed surgery for a malformation in his right foot. In fact, is still appreciated today in its balance a gesture different from the rest of their professional colleagues.

Son of a Basque businessman from the fuel industry and Madrid midwife living in Barakaldo For work reasons, golf came into his life after the Ryden Cup in 1997. He landed on his feet. So much so that his successes at the national level led him to cross the pond to enroll at the University of Arizona. There he met what is now his wife, Kelley Cahill, in 2016 at a university dance.

Who is Kelly Cahill?

Born in Portland in 1994, Kelley Cahill (now Kelley Rahm) shared a passion for sports with her current husband, though his was tennis and athletics, more specifically javelin throwing. However, the sport did not bring him the same success as Jon and he ended up focusing on Biology studies.

In 2019, the couple got married at the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Begoña, in Bilbao, in a very familiar ceremony. They later repeated the event in San Diego so that Cahill’s family was in attendance. A self-confessed lover of music and gastronomy, legend has it that one of the first phrases he learned to say in Spanish was “A glass of wine, please”..

The first child of the marriage, kepawas born in April 2021. The birth of the little one was a turning point in Rahm’s career, as on several occasions he admitted that being a father is much more important to him than being an athlete. “After a bad lap I see them and my penalties are lifted.” According to the Rahm Cahills, enekowas born in August 2022.

Athletic Club faithful

One of Jon Rahm’s biggest hobbies is undoubtedly the Athletic Club. So much so that since he was a little boy he wanted to be a goalkeeper like Iribar, his lifelong idol. The passion, in addition to being the club of his land, came from grandfather Sabin, delegate of the Biscay club for thirty-three years. Undoubtedly, red and white blood seeped into your family, as Kelley is also passionate about the San Mamés stands.

On the occasion of the institution’s 125th anniversary, the golfer was named the club’s official ambassador. “Pin order to be an ambassador for Athletic and do something for the club fills me with pride. I always try to make Athletic known all over the world. I tell them it’s almost like a religion. Not only in the world of sport, few entities have traditions as old and rooted as this one”, he said in a video released on the team’s social networks.

The origin of your surname

One of the great mysteries involving the Rahm family is the origin of their surname. Of course, he is not Basque, but not even in the comfort of his home does anyone know where he comes from. “We’ve had it for three or four generations… we don’t know exactly where. Some say Alsace Lorraine and others Switzerland”, he said in an interview.