Many actors and crew members from the series gathered to celebrate his birthday.

March 25th marked the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Companionsa series of Antenna 3 which became a phenomenon and aired between 1998 and 2002. Its protagonists and part of the fiction team got together to celebrate its anniversary.

Many of them posted photos of their reunion on social media. Manuel Rios San Martindirector and screenwriter of the production, nominated in twitter More than 70 people attended the meeting.

Those who were students of Azcona College They did not miss the event, in which the actors were Eva Santolaria (OK), Antonio Hortelano (Chemical), Dune Jové (Arancha), Manuel Feijoo (Luismi), Virginia Rodrigues (Isabel), Juliano Gonzalez (Cease), michael lara (Sara), Nicolau Belmonte (Eloy), Ruth Nunes (Tanja) and Daniel Retuerta (Lol).

They also accompanied Miguel Rellan (Professor Félix Toran), Francis Lawrence (Alfredo Toran), maria garlon (Rocío, caretaker and mother of Valle and Lolo), cobbler’s star (Virginia), Jorge Bosch (Tony), Christina Pena (Josefa), david janer (Martin) and Raul Pena (PC), among others.

Virginia Rodrigues went up on Monday, March 27th, to Instagram a video with photos of the meeting and wrote an emotional text: “We wanted to make this compilation of how that night of emotions was, also because we are always the group that appears in the images, but Companions was much more than the gang“.

The actress highlighted the importance of the production’s technical team and shared: “I felt at home. With my family. We’ve experienced something amazing together for 25 years and I felt like no bond had been broken. Thank you all for coming and for making this series that has changed the lives of so many of us possible. i carry you in my heart forever. Very cheesy, but very true!”

Quimi and Valle in Public Mirror

Antonio Hortelano It is Eva Santolaria gave life to chemical It is OKthe most popular couple Companions. The two interpreters connected with public mirror on Monday, March 27th. They recalled the great impact of the series of Antenna 3 and his rise to fame. “It was very easy to do… Everyone in the class we become thick and thinas we still are,” shared the actor.

They also talked about the reunion for the title’s 25th anniversary. “It was super exciting and captivating. We see each other a lot, but there are people we haven’t seen in 20 years. Everyone was very happy. This party was very emotional, we could see everyone’s faces, not only the actors, but also the technical team”, explained the actress. In addition, they highlighted that many of the protagonists usually meet for dinner: “This series brought us together“.

Vidal Pillar He asked if their love story had jumped from fiction to real life, but they joked to avoid answering. Santolaria stated, “We had chemistry right from the start, like the whole gang. We’ve always been more than professional partners… I love you all so much, we love each other and we are still friends“.

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