We’ve all been there. you see one job offer, you apply and suddenly you are called for a face-to-face interview. You could spend weeks preparing yourself, both mentally (and knowledgeably) and emotionally. But, the day finally arrives, you get up even before the alarm goes off, and when you stand in front of the closet -where you have millions of basic and elegant clothes-, your mind goes blank and the only thing you can think about is : what do i wear?

When it comes to doing a job interview, everything counts. From its experience and the ease with which it develops to its image and the look with which it presents itself. But why is it so important? According to stylist Raquel Mejiasyou always have to think about how to dress. not just for one job interviewbut for something as simple as a date with your friends.

Sometimes we meditate on it and sometimes we do it unconsciously. In any case, the story we tell about our gaze represents the way we present ourselves to the world in any context.

Therefore, “when it comes to a job interview, your image is not only fundamental as if it were a letter of introduction, but also as a subconscious declaration of intentions for the interviewer and for yourself”, he explains.