Manuel Pellegrinitechnician of Betisappeared this afternoon in the press room of Old Trafford analyze how your team faces the first leg of the round of 16 UEFA Europa League who will play tomorrow in this mythical setting against Manchester United. A match in which the only casualties of the verdiblanco team are the French fekir and the youth team Juan Cruz.

How do you face tomorrow’s game?

“It’s a very important match, we’re all excited. Last year we couldn’t get past that stage because the champions knocked us out in the 120th minute. the first minute in search of classification”.

First contact between Betis and Teatro de los Sueños

Your Memories in Manchester

“I was lucky enough to play two Champions League games here with Villarreal, we drew all four games 0-0, and then with Manchester City and West Ham. The derbies in this city are unforgettable experiences.”

the toughest rival

“More than the 7-0 of the last round, we are facing a team that won 19 of the last 21 games, lost one and drew another. The rivalry with Liverpool is very strong, but I think neither for the better nor for the better. A result like this has to do with a match in another competition. It depends on how they react. I don’t think they have the last game in their heads, but they will think about moving to the next stage. We are not going to start thinking that they will have this defeat in our heads. We want to play as well as we can and we know how to get a good result”.

Will Canales be the headline tomorrow?

“He is in the squad and we will see with him and the medical team how far he can play. A very exhausting game was also played on Sunday and we have to see which team is the best to compete tomorrow.”

It is important to start the tie well

“It’s very important, first of all, the game we have to play here and the away goals rule has also changed. We shouldn’t take it as a win or a loss, because there’s still a return to Seville.”

What would be a good result for you tomorrow?

“A good result is always winning. If you can’t win, it’s a good demonstration of what Betis knows how to play, that we are the closest to the Betis that we have shown in recent seasons. If we show that we are the team we always have been, it will be “It was a very competitive game. I don’t know what they think of us. La Real won here and so can we. Many teams in Spain have won the Champions League. It’s going to be difficult but we’re going to play the way we need to try to pass the tie.” .

Will Liverpool’s victory affect Manchester?

“I don’t think so, it depends on how they react to defeat, it’s just a game, it can happen in football. We can’t think we’re facing a team we can beat 7-0. It’s Manchester United, of their last 21 games, they won 19”.

Will Manchester United think 7-0?

“It depends on how they react. I don’t think they’re going to play thinking about Liverpool, they have to qualify for the next round and we’re not going to start the game thinking they lost 7-0. be the best version of Betis to get a good result here”.

Another Spanish rival for the Red Devils

“I don’t know what they will think of us, but if Real Sociedad can win here, so can we. If you look at the competition, many Spanish teams have beaten the English in the Champions League. It’s hard to know what they will think of us. us, but we’ll play the same way if we want to go through.”