Toni Nadal, the man in Rafa Nadal’s shadow who entered the real estate business and made the leap to PP

Toni Nadal was, for 27 years, the most influential man in Rafa Nadal’s career and his role was decisive for the greatest successes achieved by the Mallorcan tennis player. His record supports this: 76 tournaments behind him, 16 of them Grand Slam (ten Roland Garros, three US Open, two Wimbledon and one Australian Open). Bronze Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit, he became one of the most successful coaches in the history of the Spanish racket, combining sport with real estate, and now he has decided to launch himself into politics after being hired by the president of the PP, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, for the new founding of the party.

Dedicated to his nephew’s sports training since he was four years old, Antonio Nadal Homar (Manacor, February 22, 1961) made it clear that, among other values, he wanted to instill in him those of daily work, effort, constant improvement and, above all, of everything, everything, effective management of adversity. “I have always based myself on universal principles that have worked throughout my life and, therefore, for me they have always been the most logical. My way of working is simple and straightforward. I am not the owner of great theories nor the executor of many complications ”, he says, by the way, in his book Everything is learned by training.

Brother of the former midfielder and defender for RCD Mallorca, FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team, Toni Nadal won the title of coach at the age of 21 and returned to the island, combining this activity with studying law. It was at this time that he began teaching tennis “quite casually”, as he recalls in his autobiography. “My ultimate goal was to waste time, that is, to continue enrolling at university, to have a reduction in military service, which, finally, due to a last-minute change in regulations, I was unable to take advantage of. I soon realized that I liked this coincidence and went from teaching German and Swiss with a second home in Mallorca to working at the Manacor Tennis Club with children ”, he explains.

The desire to have a professional student

After a while, he became the director of the school and the desire to one day have a student who could dedicate himself professionally to tennis began to take over, as his nephew ended up doing. From the beginning, Toni Nadal stayed by the tennis player’s side in good times and bad. At the age of eleven, Rafa won Spain’s under-12 national title. “Throughout Rafael’s entire sporting career, we worked in more or less the same way. His life has become much more complicated with professional success, but our work is basically the same as we did when he was a kid. We just kept changing small nuances and gradually adapting to the circumstances, ”he confesses.

Throughout his career, he has not taken his eyes off Rafa Nadal for a single second and the way he behaves on the field, to the point of recognizing that he is “very tough”, both “in words” and “in presence”. “I always made sure Rafael felt my urgency on court. When we’re training, even today, I’m very close to him because I want him to feel my pressure. I continually correct him and I am rarely satisfied, even if he is, “he acknowledged in his book, published in 2015.

He also claims to have been “meticulous to the point of exhausting” his nephew “with all kinds of trifles”, which earned him the reputation “of exaggerated, manic, intransigent and peculiar”. “But the kids add up and grow until they stop being like that. Today, anonymous boys are often the center of the world; those who manage a little are almost always. The tendency is always to agree with them, accompany them, give them the best seat in the car, in the restaurant, on the sofa, go wherever they want. I am of the opinion that this type of action is not advisable and that it does not favor those who receive special treatment in any way”.

Rafael Nadal Academy

In 2017, Nadal stopped being the coach of what is considered the best Spanish tennis player of all time and returned to the Rafa Nadal Academy, founded in 2016 with the sponsorship of Movistar, with the aim of becoming a reference in training and tennis improvement. The macro complex generated controversy, especially when in 2018 the simplification of procedures for the expansion of the sports center was approved, including an amendment to the housing law in the Balearic Islands. This fact provoked a confrontation between the parties that make up the current government team: the PSIB, despite the rejection of Pode, MÉS per Mallorca and MÉS per Menorca, voted in favor of what is known as the ‘Nadal amendment’ together with the PP , Cs and PI. Immediately, Rafa Nadal denied having received favorable treatment.

Married to Majorcan Joana María Vives, with whom he has three children, Toni Nadal has offered, in addition to his work as a sports coach, numerous lectures and conferences aimed at coaches, young people and companies. Likewise, he manages the company Tenis Invest, whose corporate purpose is the acquisition, disposal and assignment of capital goods, machines and tools, as stated in the Official Gazette of the Mercantil Registry (Borme).


Regarding the recognitions obtained throughout his career, Toni Nadal was awarded in 2007 with the Bronze Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit, granted by the Superior Council of Sport of Spain. Likewise, in 2008, the Consell de Mallorca awarded him the Premi Jaume II for his work as a trainer, educator, trainer and inspirer of his nephew’s successes. Two years later, the then president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, awarded him the Seven Stars award in the ‘Promotion of sporting values’ category.

Now, the businessman embarks on a new path in the hands of Feijóo, who “especially values ​​his wide experience in sports management and his firm defense of the values ​​of effort and capacity”, according to a note from the PP in the press about Nadal , announcing the new addition. “Toni Nadal has always believed that in any athlete’s training it is essential to work on three aspects: technical work, character building and values ​​training. This last area is of particular relevance to the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo”, says the letter.

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