In the center, Sánchez Arminio; and on the left, Enríquez Negreira, when they were referees, in the 1982 Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Sporting de Gijón.EFE

The National Court has decided to indict Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, former president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), and its former general secretary, Raúl Massó, in the investigation it keeps open against Ángel María Villar, former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). These queries, called case of soulfocus on the alleged embezzlement during the Villar phase and are investigated independently of those baptized as Negreira casewhere the approximately seven million euros that Barcelona Football Club paid to José María Enríquez Negreira, who was vice-president of the CTA and right hand of Sánchez Arminio, so that he supposedly “favored” the Catalan team.

The decision of the National Court thus shakes the arbitration body, which has been in a state of shock in recent days. In fact, the state attorney general, Álvaro García Ortiz, ordered this Tuesday that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which case of soulalso assumes the Negreira case for its “complexity”, “relevance” and enormous “public impact”.

Through an order issued on Monday, the Court’s Criminal Chamber ordered a summons to declare Sánchez Arminio and Massó as under investigation after Investigating Judge Alejandro Abascal ruled them out on January 27. The magistrate considered that his accusation may be “irregular”, since the investigations are in the final phase and both have already been questioned as witnesses, which “would harm their right of defence”. But La Liga de Fútbol, ​​chaired by Javier Tebas, appealed. And it had the support of the Public Ministry.

The last word therefore fell to the Criminal Chamber, which accepted the denunciations. This court considers that it does not matter that the investigation is in the final stretch, since the instruction phase must serve precisely to “verify whether there are indications of possible criminal responsibility and whether they are attributable to the people whose testimony the League requests”. “And the fact that they had previously testified as witnesses does not prevent their subsequent change of condition, starting to be investigated”, adds the order. Of course, for the moment, the imputation of the RFEF is also ruled out, as requested by the institution led by Tebas, hoping that Sánchez Arminio, Massó and Villar are interrogated first – the latter is called again to testify.

in this part of case of soul The alleged embezzlement of almost eight million euros from the collection of pools, which La Liga contributed to the RFEF for the payment of arbitration rights for official football competitions, is being investigated. According to the complainants and Anticorruption, there are indications that the suspects allocated that money to “other types of expenses, different from those foreseen in the agreements”, and that the former president and the former technical secretary of the arbitration commission “intervened” in the said manoeuvres. The CTA depends on the Federation.

At the same time, also in this case, Judge Alejandro Abascal gave the green light to investigate a series of payments by the RFEF to the son of Enríquez Negreira during Villar’s stage. This decision also comes at the request of La Liga and with the support of the public prosecutor, who wants to investigate the payment of at least 4,410 euros to the family member of the former vice president of the CTA.

This is how the organization led by Javier Tebas explains it: “The RFEF did not provide the invoices attesting to the registered expenses, preventing us from verifying whether these could have existed, or for what and for whom the said services were provided, their duration, the price time, or who authorized your payment […] The provider’s choice [en referencia al hijo de Negreira] It seems clear what he is responding to.” These subscriptions were reflected in tables in Excel format that the RFEF itself delivered at the Hearing at the request of the magistrate, where subscriptions are foreseen for “trainer PF. Sant” or “jobs training”.

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