ILife takes many turns, and if not, tell them Alvaro Rodriguez. The young striker, who will turn 19 in July, has had a dizzying career since joining Real Madrid in September 2020.

important changes in sports that anyone else would have taken from their center, but his environment and his upbringing mean he is experiencing all these ups and downs in measure and balance.. From arriving in Madrid to gaining minutes in the third white juvenile to score in the First Division against Atlético and at the Bernabéu in just two and a half years. An express trip with an illusion and work backpack it’s common Code of Conduct with which he ‘signs’ each message on his networks: #SENHR (‘no effort, no reward’).

Arrival in Madrid at age 16

In the summer of the pandemic (September 2020) joins ‘The Factory’ a young striker from Palamós, who for the first time left his environment. Gone is the test that Madrid summoned him to at the age of 12 and which they didn’t let him attend. Alvaro just turned 16 and start your first year as a youth in Real Madrid’s C team. He arrives after excelling in the cadet category in Girona and now has to excel in the tough white discipline. A lot of competition, but it’s the start of the striker’s vertiginous evolution.

Raúl, ‘impact’ at first sight

Raúl endorses Álvaro: “There is nothing to say about him, enjoy”

With its 1.92 height, Álvaro starts the 21-22 season at Juvenil BDirected by Fran Beltrán. His idea is to get minutes in his second year as a youth player. However, your good work and the gaze of Raúl, his biggest supporter, they make you burn steps in an accelerated way. That season he would barely play seven games with B, scoring four goals, because his climb began. Álvaro plays six league games with Hernán Pérez’s Juvenil Ascoring four more goals in the Honor Division. He also participates in three Youth League events.

His balance of goals and his movements on the field caught the attention of Raúl, who made it clear from the start that this boy had to be with him in Castilla. Raúl has the Spanish-Uruguayan in up to 17 games in the First RFEFa complex category with very veteran footballers, in which Álvaro is not left out at the age of 17. Ending the season with Castilla with four more goals and four more assistsnumbers that excite and that they set off the alarms in the club offices.

The big decision: Spain-Uruguay

The end of the season, with a dream 2021, doesn’t stop there. O royal spanish football federation He also looks to young white talent, who has dual nationality. Álvaro is called up to join the Spain under-18 team led by Pablo Amonow second of from the source in the absolute category. ‘El Toro’ played three matches at the Mediterranean Games (Oran, Algeria), where he scored a goal.

Hat-trick by Álvaro Rodríguez against Bolivia in the U-20 South American Championship

However, something wasn’t right. Álvaro had deep roots in the Uruguayan culture and there he made a new decision for the future, which would crystallize months later wearing the light blue shirt of the Sudamericana under 20 played earlier this year.

Renewal, 50 ‘kilos’ clause and Adidas image

Álvaro, together with Joyce Moreno, his agent and trusted person, at the signing of his renewal.

Shortly before starting the current season, already with a record in Castilla, renewal runs until 2027 which he signs on August 10. In the white offices they knew the ‘jewel’ they had in their hands and they shielded it with a clause of 50 million euros. The young promise was thus tied up and protected from the tentacles of the big clubs. Álvaro’s football grew and so did his image. This is demonstrated by advertising contract signed with Adidasundoubtedly a thermometer that indicated its unstoppable progression.

Álvaro, on the day he signed a contract with Adidas.

‘Titularísimo’ of Castilla and star of the South American under 20 team

Be 18 years old and be one of the important players of Castilla de Raúl It’s not within anyone’s reach, more coming luxury reinforcements in attack like Noel and Iker Bravo. There was a reason Ancelotti visited Di Stéfano’s games earlier in the season. First team coach had an eye on several home players and Álvaro was one of the most outstanding. It was a matter of time to have a hole in the first team. And the moment has come. first in one call for champions no minutes in Leipzig as a contact.

But the beginning of 2023 is being framed. In January, Debut in the Cup with the first team against Cacereño It is first connection with Uruguay dispute the South American sub-20where he was runner-up after losing the final with Brazil, participating in seven games. He scored five goals in the tournament (he scored a hat-trick against Bolivia) and provided an assist.

Ancelotti ‘signs him’, scores in the derby and debuts in a Classic

Ancelotti: “Álvaro will be in the starting line-up next season”

On his return in February, Ancelotti confirmed him as a dynamic first-team player. Alvaro gives a Goal assist for Asensio in Pamplona on his league debut against Osasunatravels to Anfield’s Champions League ‘temple’ and debut as top scorer scoring the tie in the league derbyagainst Atletico del Bernabéu.

Álvaro celebrates the goal he scored against Atlético and was his first top scorer in the First Division.

March continues with critical moments for Álvaro, such as participating in his first classicthe one of Copa del Rey at the Bernabéu. He also racks up first-team caps (for a total of seven since the return of the Sudamericana under 20) and minutes against Betis and Espanyol. A progression that leads him to look to the future calmly, as far as he can, and to think about the most appropriate steps for his professional development. For now, He still feels like a Castilla player and doesn’t hesitate to be close to his teammates if he loses a match.. It is ‘Álvaro’s revolution’.