Rishi Sunak wins the support of the majority of the House, with 515 votes in favor and only 29 against

The British Parliament gave overwhelming support (515 votes in favor and 29 against) to the windsor agreement with the European Union. The House of Commons specifically voted on the so-called stormont brakewhich would empower the local Northern Ireland Assembly to block the imposition of new community laws on its territory.

The result was interpreted as tacit approval of the agreement signed by Rishi Sunak, which won the support not only of the vast majority of his party, but also of the opposition Labor Party. Only a few deputies from the hard wing of the conservative and members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) voted against.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in advance his intention to vote against the “Windsor Agreement”, considering that Northern Ireland “will continue to be captured within the legal order of the EU”. The ex Prime Minister Liz Truss also anticipated that she would vote against.

Wednesday’s vote represents, however, a symbolic victory for Rishi Sunak over the latest outbreaks of insurrection within his party with the tacit backing of the windsor agreement. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly did indeed announce his intention to travel to Brussels on Friday to sign the deal.

Johnson, however, criticized Sunak’s text as “unacceptable” and asked the Prime Minister that chooses to promote the Protocol Law, currently in process, with which the United Kingdom aspired to unilaterally rewrite the most controversial point of Brexit.

The former head of the British Government decided to align himself with the extreme wing of the party, the so-called European Research Group (ERG), and stand up to Sunak, in a possible sign of relaunching his political career, if they were finally exonerated by the commission that investigates O party gate and that he will have to decide whether or not he has lied to Parliament.

“Johnson has the option of being remembered as a statesman or ending up as a Nigel Farage-style fringe politician,” said Steve Baker, former leader of the ERG faction, who nevertheless decided to support Sunak, as well as dozens of “Brexiters ” hard. “.

Johnson made common cause with the DUP, which also voted against the windsor agreement for considering that it continues to leave Northern Ireland as “a no man’s land”, in the words of MP Ian Paisley Jr., son of the legendary Unionist leader.

“This agreement is nothing more than the same Irish Protocol package with little tweaks here and there and polished as if it were something else”, emphasized Ian Paisley Jr. from Britain to Northern Ireland, but the truth is that many goods will still be subject to customs controls, which is unacceptable. stormont brake it is also a useless mechanism, because the last arbiter in case of conflict is the EU Court of Justice, and we are also against that”.

Despite his last-minute upset, Ian Paisley Jr. lamented “the betrayal of Boris Johnson” and his decision to have Ulster turned into the ” boxing ball of Brexit” with the agreement signed when he was prime minister. “There was another previous betrayal, which was that of Theresa May”, recalled Paisley. “Conservative governments have quarantined Northern Ireland, with the result we are seeing.”

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