novarama (Barcelona) is one of the most successful studios in our country. The great success that Invizimals represented for PSP and PS Vita marked the promising start of the team, which later went on to design different mobile games until its next big title: Killsquad. More than 340,000 copies sold later, the team led by Dani Sánchez-Crespo announced their new project: united 1944. A Spanish-style battlefield? Not much less. With Tencent backing the project, Novarama is looking to create a game that blends great modern shooters with Rust and even starship. Almost anything.

The agreement with Tencent was instrumental in the development of the game, which has been under construction for two years. The Chinese giant contacted Novarama, not to look for a possible purchase but to develop video games with a premise: if budget was not an issue, what would you like to do? And the answer is right before us.

A Battlefield-type shooter?

“We are not facing a multiplayer shooter like the ones that exist today. Novarama’s idea is always to create new concepts, and the team has three hearts as players, who are shooters, from Call of Duty to Counterattack; survival with games like Rust or the recent Sons of the Forest; and Starcraft-type strategy lovers”, explains Dani Sánchez-Crespo, CEO of the company. For him, although “what is obvious in the trailer is the shooter”, the reality is that “we tried to mix these three realities in a proposal that Tencent liked very much”.

Said and done, the prototype became a project third and the Chinese giant has invested in the company to move forward with development. Currently, more than 50 people are working on this PC multiplayer that hides a lot of promising ideas.

“Imagine a map with a day-night cycle, like Rust, where at night you can’t see anything, but if you turn on the flashlight you can… even revealing your position”. Sánchez-Crespo reports game details that seek to be differentiators: “The strategy is present to conquer the base, look for the right flanks, all added to the fact of collecting in such a way that reminds us of Fallout 3 and that feeling of entering abandoned houses to see what you find, to then manufacture materials and in the end, yes, the heart shooter shoot and face the rivals”.

Half-hour multi-level games

The games take place in sessions of 25 to 45 minutes, and take place in three phases: “A first phase is exploring the land, investigating, exploring and finding resources, accumulating them and making weapons; the second is to identify the enemies and our position and theirs, measure the terrain and begin the conquest; Finally, the third phase is the final battle where one of the two teams will win.

The CEO of novarama He adds that they have different game modes, the most traditional being Domination, in which you’ll have to maintain bases on the map to earn points, although there are some important details: “If you destroy the enemy base, you also win the game. “

Although at first dynamics similar to those of call to action, the reality is that United 1944 want to be “much denser”, as they will have to be “attentive to many more things that go beyond aiming and shooting”. “I, for example, am quite bad at one against one, but the games we’ve been testing have gone very well, because I build buildings, barricades and prepare elements that help to win games.”

  • You can get more information about United 1944 on the Steam page and Discord

No lessons: you choose your next game

What is more, there are no classes that define the way of playing, but each match will be as you choose. The title has a tree with 40 skills and during the game you’ll level up and you’ll be able to unlock any skill you want, adapting to what the team and the game need: a night sniper who can follow the enemies’ trail, more dynamite to destroy some buildings… The game will tell. “The progression will always be within the battle, we don’t want the community to have different levels”, adds Sánchez-Crespo.

For its creator, the dynamics of games has a high component more like Rust or Starcraft than a shooter unbridled action, and which wants to be the key to finding a place in a market with great competition: “When there is a lot of competition, it is a double-edged sword, because there are many rivals but also a lot of will, opportunities arise if you do something differentiating and we believe that the dynamics of the games, therefore of the group, can be appreciated”.

World War II as a local

The entire game is set during World War II, though Novarama warns that they haven’t sacrificed good gameplay for the sake of historical accuracy. “We were strict in everything we could, but as long as it didn’t affect the gameplay; we went to Las Vegas to record the sound of real guns, but this is not Gun, if someone expects to get a shot at 500 meters like they did in the conflict, they won’t. On locations, on ballistics… we’ve been as rigorous as we could be.”

united 1944 It will be a paid premium game and not free to play: “We don’t believe that there are good and bad business models, we simply believe that due to the costs of our servers and development, we prefer this proposal that will have beta soon, early access and obviously there will be downloadable content in skins and cosmetic elements that the public likes community, but do not affect gameplay. It will not pay to win”.

Novarama’s new and most ambitious project will publish a beta version in the coming weeks to see how the atmosphere breathes for a release that goes far beyond being just another multiplayer shooter. As they say, it’s time to Ordinary people do extraordinary things.